Matthew Saville

Matthew Saville

Age Range
32 - 48
NZ European
180cm / 5ft 11in
102cm / 40in
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Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2011 Rage Danie (South African Policeman) Tom Scott Productions Ltd Feature Film
2010 The Most Fun You Can have Dying Dr Lake Ten Cent Pictures Ltd Feature Film
2009 Hopes and Dreams Caterpillar Executive Hopes & Dreams Limited Feature Film
2006 The Water Horse Soldier Water Horse Productions, dir. Jay Russell Feature Film
2005 Tyrannical Love Travis Dir. Scott Boswell Feature Film
2002 Lord of the Rings Gondorian Soldier 3'6" Productions Feature Film
2001 Zenolith Ewan, Vomit, Fred of Arimathea Feature Film
1998 Scarfies Credited Extra Feature Film
1998 Dark Star Rising News Reader Feature Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2013 Small Blacks Drama
2012 The Almighty Johnsons S3 The Man South Pacific Pictures Drama
2011 Strongman Carlton Syme A Bigger Picture Ltd Drama
2009 Legend of the Seeker - Season 1. Captain Flynne The Walt Disney Company (NZ) Ltd Drama
2009 Go Girls - Series 2. Sleazy Guy South Pacific Pictures Drama
2009 Spartacus Guard Pacific Renaissance Spartacus Ltd Drama
2008 Aftershock Ward The Gibson Group Drama
2008 The Investigator (Series 2) Homeless Schizophrenic Red Sky Films Drama
2003 The Insiders Guide To Happiness Pizza Guy The Gibson Group Drama
2003 Boy Mike Dir. Welby Ings Drama
2010 Super City Bradley Dir. Taika Waititi Drama


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2006 Nga Tangata Toa William Nga Tangata Toa
2004 Brixton Vincent Brixton
2004 MacBeth Malcolm MacBeth
2002 03 The Boxer Lead The Boxer
2001 As you like it Charles the wrestler As you like it
2001 I Am Me I Am Me
2000 Lovelocks Dream Run Pike Lovelocks Dream Run
2000 The Mysteries Drunk Soldier The Mysteries
2000 Whatu Whatu
1999 Table Manners Reg Table Manners
1998 Revenge of the Amazons, Shopping and F***ing Brian Revenge of the Amazons, Shopping and F***ing
1998 King Lear Kent King Lear
1998 The Boxer Dempsey The Boxer
1998 Something Dark and Slightly Humorous John Something Dark and Slightly Humorous
1998 The Poet The Women Servant The Poet The Women
1998 Antigone Chorus Antigone
1997 Doug Portrait of a Carrot Farmer Doug Portrait of a Carrot Farmer
1997 K2 Taylor K2
1997 Taming of the Shrew Chorus Taming of the Shrew
1997 As you like it Orlando As you like it
1997 Phaedra's Love Phaedra's Love
1988 Girls Night Out Darren Girls Night Out
2000 Quest for the festival
1999 NZ Young Playwrights Competition - highly commended

Short Film

Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2007 First Death II Short Film
2006 Monster Short Film
2005 Ananab Short Film
48 Hour Film Festival Best Actor Short Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2006 Mito Training DVD Krafthaus
1998 Bacchae, Asthma information Video


Year Description Institution / Presenter
1999 BoPA Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School
1995 BA major in Design and Theatre Studies Otago University


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