Samson Chan-Boon

Samson Chan-Boon

Age Range
19 - 31
183cm / 6ft 0in
136cm / 54in
149cm / 59in
129cm / 51in
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Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2017 Home to Come Home Mikey dir. Renee Lyons Drama
2016 Westside S3 Bouncer South Pacific Pictures Drama
2015 The Shannara Chronicles Cormac MTV / Directed by Jesse Warn Drama


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2017 Mirror Mirror Grumpy "Dox" Auckland Council / Alison Quigan & Troy Tu'ua
2015 The Lolly Witch of Mumuland Dad ATC / Alison Quigan & Troy Tu'ua
2014 Entangled Islands - 'Life of Words' Ensemble / Taisi Olaf Frederick Nelson UNITEC / Iosefa Enari
2013 The Feast - 'Halfatasi' Musician / Traditional Tongan Bass Drummer UNITEC / Iosefa Enari
2013 Goodbye My Feleni Lance Corporal Simi Bishop Hekama Creative & Chocolate Stigmata / Shadon & Amelia Reid-Meredith
2012 Sinarella Fairy F.O.B. Mother / Stepmum / AV Designer ATC & PIPA / Goretti Chadwick & Anapela Polataivao
2012 Goodbye My Feleni Corporal Simi Bishop Chocolate Stigmata / Chris Molloy
2012 At The Wake Robert English Centrepoint Theatre / Roy Ward
2011 Samoa Mo Samoa Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III Le Mau Productions / Edward Peni
2011 Polly Hood in Mumuland Manager / Chorus PIPA / Goretti Chadwick
2011 Going Solo: The Godfather of East London Writer / Cornelius "Connie" Murdock PIPA / Samantha Scott
2011 The Laramie Project Jedadiah Schultz / Governor Jim Geringer PIPA / Sean Coyle & Hera Dunleavy
2010 Ceremonia Underworld Gate Keeper / King's Assistant PIPA / Vela Manusaute
2010 Animal Farm Old Major PIPA / Stayci Taylor

Short Film

Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2014 Abs In Black 'Skinny' Directed by Nabil (Noble) Fares Short Film
2014 No. 1 Again Edbert 'Talent-Ed' Solf UNITEC / Directed by Danny Aumua Student Film
2013 Kidnapped Robert Directed by Vivian Ngwerume Student Film
2013 Spidey and the Burglar Burglar Directed by Vivian Ngwerume Student Film
2013 Honor Unto Death 'Bulldog' Directed by Vivian Ngwerume Student Film
2010 Poor Maori Boy Vampires vs Drug Taking Zombies 'Knuckles' Directed by Phillip Cleaverly Student Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2016 The Warehouse - That Bargain Feeling Store Worker FINCH / Directed by Jae Morrison
2015 NZ Fire Service - Flatmates Dream Mate FINCH / Directed by Nic Finlayson


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2016 Acting for Camera in US Accent Terri de'Ath/ Jim McLarty
2014 Graduate - Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts UNITEC Performing & Screen Arts
2010 2011 Graduate - Diploma in Pacific Performing Arts Pacific Institute of Performing Arts


Intermediate: American - General | Maori | New Zealand | Pacific Islander | UK - Cockney | UK - English


Intermediate: Gym | Running / Jogging | Swimming | Ten Pin Bowling | Weight Lifting

Driving & Flying

Intermediate: Driving (general) | Go-karting

Singing Range

Bass | Tenor

Singing Styles

Intermediate: General