Alice May Connolly

Alice May Connolly

NZ European
Age Range
28 - 38
172cm / 5ft 8in
83cm / 33in
69cm / 27in
85cm / 33in
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Alice May Connolly is an actor from New Zealand who approaches her roles with humility, curiosity, intelligence, and humour. She started working professionally on screen when she was cast as the lead in David White’s quirky rural comedy, This Town, and as a major supporting character in Daffodils alongside Rose McIver, at the start of her final year at New Zealand’s top drama school, Toi Whakaari. 

Since then she has amassed a diverse range of roles and experiences on US and NZ productions, notably appearing as Pearl in Jane Campion’s Oscar winning film The Power of the Dog, as Samantha in the first season of Netflix’s apocalyptic hit series, Sweet Tooth, and as Bree-Anna Q in Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s satirical mockumentary, Wellington Paranormal. Most recently she appeared as Mel in Michelle Saville’s Millie Lies Low alongside Ana Scotney. She also acted with Mia Goth as her double in Ti West’s hit horror, X, where she played both the young sexy heroine, Maxine, and elderly homicidal maniac, Pearl in scenes alongside Goth. 

Her upcoming TV credits include NZ/Irish co-production The Gone, and Far North. 

She has extensive experience and love for the theatre, predominantly with the theatre company, The Bacchanals. 

Alice’s passion and tenacity for her craft has led her to work with top acting coaches like Miranda Harcourt, and Lisa Robertson. She always endeavors to keep learning and growing as an artist and storyteller. She is proudly represented by Gail Cowan Management. 


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2024 Pike River Reporter 31 Films Ltd, dir. Robert Sarkies Feature Film
2022 Millie Lies Low Mel Sandy Lane Prod., dir. Michelle Savill Feature Film
2021 X Maxine/Pearl - Stand in/Picture Double Powder Keg Farms, dir. Ti West Feature Film
2021 The Power of the Dog Pearl BBC Films, dir. Jane Campion Feature Film
2020 This Town Casey Pam's Petting Zoo, dir. David White Feature Film
2019 Daffodils Pip Raglan Films, dir. David Stubbs Feature Film


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2023 The Gone Sue Blinder Films (Ireland), Kingfisher Films (NZ), Southern Lights Films (AUS), dir: Peter Burger Drama
2023 Far North Becs South Pacific Pictures, dir. David White Drama
2021 Sweet Tooth Samantha Netflix Drama
2019 Wellington Paranormal S2 Bree- Anna Q New Zealand Documentary Board Drama

Web Series

Year Production Role Company / Director
2022 The Citizen's Handbook Kathy White Man Behind a Desk
2017 Burbs Alice Stella Reid
2014 NZ Idle Workshop Leader Poor Sailors Arts Collective, dir. Lake McKenna & Linsell Richards


Year Production Role Company / Director
2020 Lust Island Various Heartthrobs Improv Comedy
2019 Second Unit: What We Do in the Shadows Gwen Dir. Tawhiri, Stella Reid, Andrew Foster, Benjamin Henson
2019 This Long Winter Emilia Dir. Sarah Delahunty
2019 The Mournmoor Murders Various Dir. Alice May Connolly & Maria Williams
2018 Fuq Boiz (Sketch) Patricia Dir. Laura Daniel
2018 The Visit Doctor, Frau Schill, Second Woman Dir. Danny Mulheron, Miranda Manasiadis
2017 Once On This Island Ensemble Dir. Jon Hunter
2017 Helena, Ensemble Shakespeare Scenes Toi Whakaari NZ Drama School, dir. Chris Jannedis
2017 Stoge Chollonge 2006 Ally Dir. Hilary Penwarden
2016 Toi Whakaari Go Solo 2016 Various Dir. Holly Chappel-Eason & Tom Eason
2015 Lysistrata Self, Chorus The Bacchanals, dir. David Lawrence
2015 Richard III Vaughan, 2nd Murderer The Bacchanals, dir. David Lawrence
2015 Tiny Deaths Gnome, Bridesmaid my accomplice
2014 All's Well That Ends Well Second Lord, Mariana The Bacchanals, dir. David Lawrence
2014 Tut Poss Brigid Costello
2014 Blue Stockings Maeve The Bacchanals, dir. David Lawrence
2014 Once We Built a Tower Forrester The Bacchanals, dir. David Lawrence
2014 Tut Poss Dir. Linsell Richards
2013 Vampimple Vampimple Dir. Jonathan Power & Kenneth Gaffney
2013 Gunplay Gracie Luellen-Peed The Bacchanals, dir. David Lawrence
2012 Space Bitches Misty Shimmer R.A.D Theatre, Hamish Parkinson
2011 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Honey Dir. Elsie Egerton-Till
2009 Richard II Servant Dir. David Sheard

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2020 Gin O'Clock Mary Unitec Institute of Technology Short Film
2018 Burst Harriet Andrew Galt Short Film
2018 Anna and the Inexpressible Feeling of Being Lost Anna Philip Gibson Short Film
2017 Sleep Less Lucy Tin Hipi Films, dir. Cinta Damerell Short Film
2017 Drop Down Globe Claudio Stella Reid Short Film
2013 MOO Helena Samuel Hunter Galloway Short Film


Year Production Role Company / Director
2022 Marlon Williams - Thinking of Nina Nina Sports Team
2019 Lawrence Arabia - Everything's Minimal Lover Loren Taylor
2014 Choice LOLZ Driver Poor Sailors Arts Collective, dir. Lake McKenna & Linsell Richards
2012 T54 - Julie K Joe Span Films, dir. Ben Spink
2011 Mt Pleasant - Slipped Era Ex-Lover Dir. Hamish Parkinson
2011 Grouper - Alien Observer Stalker Dir. Hamish Parkinson


Year Production Role Company / Director
2021 Noel Leeming 'Father's Day' Ashley's Mum Tutu Films
2021 McDonalds 'McChicken' Campaign Lead Good Oil
2020 Pedigree 'Adoption Drive' Campaign Dog Parent Colenso BBDO
2017 Powershop Power Pose Dir. Loren Taylor


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2023 Script Analysis Masterclass Lisa Roberston
2023 The Working Actor Workshop January Laura Interval & Latham Gaines
2023 The Casting Hothouse Christy Faison & Jami Rudofsky (US)
2022 Specialist Screen Masterclass Miranda Harcourt
2021 Audition Workshop Elena Stejko
2019 Advanced Screen Workshop Liz Mullane and Rachel Bullock
2016-2018 Bachelor of Performing Arts Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School
2017 From Page to Stage Juliet O'Brien
2015 Clown Workshop Thomas LaHood
2012 BA (Hons) First Class Victoria University
2009 - 2011 Bachelor of Arts University of Canterbury


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