Anthony Ray Parker

Anthony Ray Parker

Age Range
59 - 69
African American
184cm / 6ft 0in
55cm / 22in
47cm / 19in

Sovereign Talent Group (US - Agent)
Bohemia Group (US - Management)

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Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2019 Lone Star Deception Tim Bayh Don Okolo, Robert Peters Feature Film
2019 Hoax Jonesy Miramax Films/ Matt Allen Feature Film
2015 Dutch Hollow Vincent Pierce (Supporting) Dir. Mike Hermosa Feature Film
2013 Parts of Disease Det. Daniels Dir. Solomon Tubbs Feature Film
2013 Ara Victor Price Dir. Dimi Nakov Feature Film
2011 Fast Lane Knight Dir. David Betances Feature Film
2010 Clemency Tyrone Dir. Joseph Albanese Feature Film
2009 Dead Air Tanner (Supporting) Dir. Corbin Bernsen Feature Film
2007 Shadow Boxing 2: Revenge Baddy MacDir (Supporting) Dir. Anton Megerdichev Feature Film
2006 The Marine Morgan WWE-Fox Studios, dir. John Bonito Feature Film
1999 The Matrix Dozer (Supporting) Warner Bros, dir. Wachoski Brothers Feature Film
1996 The Frighteners Deputy (Supporting) Universal Pictures, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2013 Jono and Ben at 10 Self MediaWorks Drama
2012 Spartacus Sanus Pacific Renaissance Spartacus Ltd Drama
2010-2011 The Resolve Det. Marcus Dobbs (Supporting) Dir. Russ Cootey Drama
2003 Eddies Million Dollar Cook Off Umpire Disney Channel, dir. Jerry Count, Drama
1996 One West Waikiki Kimo Bodyguard Orion Pictures, dir. Steve Stafford Drama
1995-2001 Xena: Warrior Princess Mephistopheles / Deliverer / Pinnulus Pacific Renaissance Pictures Drama
1995-1996 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Minotaur Pacific Renaissance Pictures Drama
1994 Hercules in the Maze of the Monotaur Minotaur Pacific Renaissance Pictures, dir. Josh Becker Drama
2018 Euphoria Allan HBO, Drama

Short Film

Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2014 Jump! Larry Dir. Jessica Valentine Short Film
2011 Blood Soldiers: Interrogation William "Bull" Hawking (Supporting) Dir. Jake Thornton Short Film
2010 The Love Affair Det. Ed Ramirez Dir. Travis Huff Short Film
2010 The Zone Bravo Dir. Monica Azevedo Short Film
2008 The Mourner Ruben Dutch (Lead) Sideways Prods, dir. Eric Lloyd Brown Short Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2012 Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultimate Team Power Sacarba Power Rangers Productions Ltd.


Year Description Institution / Presenter
Chekov Technique Workshop Elena Stejko
One Day Advance Tom McSweeney
Voice Technique Allen Loar
Acting Coach Mark and Jack Camp


Intermediate: African


Intermediate: American - General


Advanced: Shooting

Intermediate: Archery | Boxing | Cycling | Golf | Snow Mobile

Driving & Flying

Advanced: Driving (general) | Farm Equipment | Go-karting | Quad Motorbike | Van

Intermediate: Motorcycle | Precision Driving | Stunt Driving

Singing Range


Singing Styles

Intermediate: General


Intermediate: Choreography | Country | General Movement | Hip Hop