Ben Zolno

Ben Zolno

Age Range
34 - 46
NZ European
174cm / 5ft 9in
94cm / 37in
78cm / 31in
83cm / 33in
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Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
Status Update Starring Dir. Kelly Kilgour Feature Film
Rounding the Bases Co-Starring Dir. Belinda Nielsen Feature Film
Adequate Starring Dir. John Glassman Feature Film
Deleted Starring Dir. Ilram Choi Feature Film
All the Wrong Faces Co-Starring Dir. Michael Gongora Feature Film
Ricky Is "Famous" Day Player Dir. Jeff Goode Feature Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
One Life to Live Recurring U5 ABC, dir. Larry Carpenter Drama
Law and Order: CI Day Player Wolf Films, dir. Jean De Segonzac Drama
All My Children Recurring U5 ABC Drama
Blue Apple Starring Pilot Episode Drama
Dr. Phil Interviewer CBS Other
The Doctors Interviewer Other
Center Stage - Talk Show Audience Warm-Ups YES Network, Michael Kay Other
Change of Heart Interviewer WB Other


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
Sandpit Screenplays Actor & Writer Drama Christi Studio, dir. Jason Tolley
Stacy & Me Improviser Improv Olympic Chicago, dir. John Lutz (SNL)
Warden's Daugher, Pork Improviser IO Chicago, dir. Peter Gwinn (Colbert Report)
Savior Improviser Upright Citizens Brigade, dir. K Mullaney
Eclectic Eccentricities One-Man Show Improv Olympic Chicago, dir. Stacy Mayer
My Fair Lady Freddie Eynsford-Hill Chase Auditorium, dir. Linda Anderson
Lilies Lead - Valier The Journeyman, dir. Frank Pullen
She Stoops to Conquer Lead - Hastings Buffalo Theatre, dir. Helen Hemmer
Drive Improviser Studio 2, dir. Rob Mello
Walk With Me Lead - AIDS Patient The Greenwich Group
Ben-isms Monologist No Shame Theatre


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
Videojug Various Comedic Roles
Plastic State of Mind Co-Starring dir. Belinda Nielsen
No On Prop 23 Starr dir. Josh Glassman
How to Get a Goodnight Kiss Starring dir. Ben Zolno


Year Description Institution / Presenter
Acting for the Camera (Private Class) Ellen Parks, Brian Posen
Soap Acting (Private Class) Darnell Williams, Peter Miner, Tori Visgilio, Bob Lambert
Improvisation Improv Olympic (IO) - Kevin Dorf, Miles Stroth, Seth Meyers
Improvisation Second City Conservatory - Joe Keefe, Tim O'Malley
Improvisation Upright Citizen's Brigade (UCB) - Armando Diaz, Kevin Mullaney
Improvisation (Private Class) Stephanie Weir, Susan Messing, Liz Allen, Rich Talarico
Meisner Technique Studio 2 West - Rob Mello, Monica Payne
Acting, Film Production University of Iowa - Leighton Pierce, Franklin Miller


Advanced: American - Californian | American - General | American - Midwest | American - Southern

Intermediate: American - Urban | American - Western


Advanced: Shooting | Snorkeling | Speed Walking | Weight Lifting

Intermediate: Athletics | Baseball | Basketball | Canoeing | Cheerleading | Gym | Karate | Martial Arts | Rowing | Running / Jogging | Scuba Diving | Sledding | Swimming | Touch Football | Yoga

Circus & Horse

Intermediate: Mime

Driving & Flying

Intermediate: Driving (general) | Go-karting | Precision Driving | Stick Shift | Van

Stunts & Weapons

Intermediate: Weapons

Singing Range


Singing Styles

Advanced: Folk | Musical

Intermediate: Country and Western | General | Show


Intermediate: Aerobics | Calisthenics | Choreography | General Movement