Dallas Barnett

Dallas Barnett

Age Range
54 - 62
185cm / 6ft 1in
127cm / 50in
127cm / 50in
120cm / 47in
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Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2016 Frozen Moments Janitor Online Productions, dir. Craig Newland Feature Film
2013 The Hobbit Bill Ferny Snr 3 Foot 7 Ltd, dir. Sir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2012 Not For Children Viktor Nistor Unit 21 Motion Media Feature Film
2011 Romeo & Juliet - A Love Song Lord Montegue Dir. Tim van Dammen Feature Film
2011 Contract Killers Dorio Gun Nut Films, dir. Mathew John Pearson Feature Film
2010 Cirque Du Soliel - Worlds Apart Boss Nukuhau Prods Ltd, dir. Andrew Adamson Feature Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2021 Cowboy Bebop Mechanic Netflix Drama
2021 Sweet Tooth Delivery Last Man Nteflix Drama
2019 The Luminaries Salvage Dealer The Luminaries Production Ltd. Drama
2013 Coverband Tough Guy The Downlow Concept Drama
2011 Shortland Street Dex Carrigan (Recurring Character) South Pacific Pictures Drama
2011 Spartacus Season 2 Sleazy Guy Pacific Renaissance Spartacus Ltd Drama
2010 Shortland Street Dex Carrigan South Pacific Pictures Drama
2002 Shortland Street Fight Club Man South Pacific Pictures Drama
2021 Ahikaroa Menacing Prisoner Kura Productions Ltd Drama

Web Series

Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2018 AFK 2 V'rugga Epically Casual
2017 AFK V'rugga Epically Casual

Short Film

Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2012 Starboy - Eternity (pt 2 and 3) Music Video Steampunk Villager (Sheriff) Stake Short Film
2011 Starboy - Eternity (pt 1) Music Video Steampunk Villager (Sheriff) Stake Short Film
2010 Something Special Voice of Sarge Dir. Kristy Simpkins Short Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2012 The Checks - Perfect Lover (Music Video) Insane Uncle D Dir. Ian James Hart
2011 The Checks - Candyman Shimmer (Music Video) Insane uncle D Dir. Ian James Hart
2011 The Checks - Ready to Die (Music Video) Insane uncle D (Fight Club) Dir. Ian James Hart


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2016 Samsung 'Gladiator' Priest Film Ruskin


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2010 Jester's Pies "Wild" Wolf Jester's Pies
2010 Stargate Universe SGU Promo Colonel Prime TV
2010 Chrysler/Dodge NZ Buck the Moose
2010 Spartacus - Gods of the Arena ADR Voice /Loop
2010 Boardwalk Empire Promo Promo Voice SKY TV
2010 Pizza Hut "Pizza Mia" Godfather/Tony/Tag Pizza Hut
2008 Chrysler/ Dodge NZ - Nitro Model Launch Announcer Sime Darby NZ
2008 Plates.co.nz "Here's Cheers" Announcer
2006 Power Rangers Mystic Force Megahorn Ranger Productions
2006 Instant Kiwi "Little Thrill" Announcer NZ Lottery
2005 Natural History New Zealand "Ice Pilots" Narrator Max Quinn
2004 Natural History New Zealand "Venom 911" Narrator Discovery Animal Planet, dir. Max Quinn
2004 Power Rangers Dino Thunder DeMagnetron Ranger Productions
2003 Natural History New Zealand "Extreme Tribes" Narrator Dir. Max Quinn
2003 Power Rangers Ninja Storm Madtropolis Ranger Productions


Advanced: American - Californian | American - General | American - Midwest | American - New England | American - New York | American - Southern | American - Western

Intermediate: American - Urban | American Indian


Advanced: Jet Ski | Scuba Diving | Shooting | Snorkeling | Swimming

Intermediate: Abseiling | Archery | Baseball | Frisbee | Grid Iron | Ice Skating | Roller Blading | Roller Hockey | Roller Skating | Sledding | Snow Mobile | Softball | Toboggan | Wrestling

Circus & Horse

Advanced: Bareback Horse Riding | Horse Riding

Intermediate: Rodeo | Stage Combat

Driving & Flying

Advanced: Drag Racing | Driving (general) | Dune Buggy | Farm Equipment | Go-karting | Moto Cross | Motorcycle | Quad Motorbike | Sports Car | Stick Shift | Van

Intermediate: Parachuting | Skydiving

Stunts & Weapons

Advanced: Military Drill

Intermediate: Stunts | Weapons

Musical Instruments

Advanced: Disk Jockey