Dra McKay

Dra McKay

NZ European
Age Range
56 - 65
170cm / 5ft 7in
102cm / 40in
85cm / 33in
99cm / 39in
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Dra’s impressive and varied array of screen credits reflect her infinite curiosity and empathy for what makes us human. Viewers will recognise her as Elsa on Westside, Delia in both seasons of Jane Campion’s Top of The Lake, and several stints on Shortland Street. Her appearances on the soap have run the gamut from wealthy, uncompromising socialite (Donna), to the dangerous villain, Bronwyn. She appears in both Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers and The Hobbit. In 2019, she was cast in Sam Kelly’s gritty feature Savage, in Mark Willis’ film Blind Panic, and Jake Mahaffey’s Reunion. Dra plays Greta in Ainsley Gardiner and Briar Grace-Smith inter-generational feature, Cousins, adapted from Patricia Grace’s novel of the same name. Her work on Australian children’s series Johnson and Friends has been sold to over 18 networks internationally. 

Further examples of her range can be seen on the webseries Potluck, in which she plays Tricia, in David Strong and Wanda Lepionka short film Maunga, and Andrew Gault’s short film Burst.


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2024 Pike River Joe Hall 31 Films Ltd, dir: Robert Sarkies Feature Film
2021 The Justice of Bunny King Bianca/ Paramedic Firefly Films, dir. Gaysorn Thavat Feature Film
2021 Cousins Greta Miss Whenua Ltd. Feature Film
2019 Savage Shopkeeper Domino Films Ltd, dir. Sam Kelly Feature Film
2019 Reunion Shirley Miss Burn Ltd, dir. Jake Mahaffy Feature Film
2019 Blind Panic Elsie Pelham Films Ltd, dir. Mark Willis Feature Film
2015 The Great Maiden's Blush Roisin - midwife Torchlight Films Productions Feature Film
2013 The Hobbit Lake Town Woman FX Dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2012 Shopping Jeanette Shopping New Zealand Ltd Feature Film
2007 Second Hand Wedding Nurse Garage Sale Productions Ltd, dir. Paul Murphy Feature Film
2006 Out of The Blue Heather Dickson Condor Films Ltd, dir. Robert Sarkies Feature Film
2003 The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers Rohan Woman 3'6" Ltd, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2003 Futile Attraction Becky Dir. Mark Prebble Feature Film
2001 Stickmen Counsellor Stick Films, dir. Hamish Rothwell Feature Film


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2023 After The Party Marion After the Party Productions, dir: Peter Salmon Drama
2020 Westside s6 Elsa South Pacific Pictures, dir. Murray Keane Drama
2019-2020 Shortland Street Bronnie Richards South Pacific Pitures Drama
2016 Catching the Black Widow Sue Johnson KHF Media, dir. Thomas Robins Drama
2016 Top of the Lake 2 Delia Top of the Lake Productions, dir. Jane Campion Drama
2015 Westside 2 Elsa South Pacific Pictures Drama
2013-2014 Shortland Street S22 Donna Clark South Pacific Pictures Drama
2013 Shortland St S21 Donna South Pacific Production Drama
2012 Top Of The Lake Delia Top of the Lake Productions, dir. Jane Campion Drama
2011 The Investigator- Crewe Homocides Norma Red Sky Film Drama
2008 Until Proven Innocent Police Doctor Dir. Peter Burger Drama
2008 The Pretender Bronwyn Dir. Peter Burger, Jonathon Brough Drama
2004 Shortland Street Gretchen Clancy-guest role South Pacific Productions Drama
2004 Insiders Guide to Happiness Bev the Birth mum-guest role Gibson Group Drama
2000 Questions - Addressing youth suicide in NZ Tracey Dir. Ross Jennings Drama

Web Series

Year Production Role Company / Director
2017 Potluck s2 Tricia Fired Up Productions Ltd

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2020 Burst Helen Howdy Doody Pictures, dir. Andrew Gault Short Film
2019 Maunga (Mountain) Sarah's Mother CraftInc. Films Ltd, dir. David Strong & Wanda Lepionka Short Film
2016 Grey William Poiice Officer Dir. Sandy Augusto Burton Short Film
2014 Home Lisa - Caregiver Dir. Adam Reynolds Short Film
2014 Loner Constable Dir. Wendell Cooke Short Film
2011 Bird Blessing Dir. Jane Shearer, Steve Ayson Short Film
2008 Digit Mrs Harper Dir. Claire Ashton Short Film
2004 The Sunshine Man The Woman Dir. Peter Tonks Short Film
2002 The Rock Mother Dir. Brian Challis Short Film


Year Production Role Company / Director
2020 Opdivo Inspirations/Imaginations Woman Chirp Films Ltd.

Circus & Horse

Intermediate: Puppeteer