Eliis Uudeküll

Eliis Uudeküll

Age Range
21 - 31
NZ European
166cm / 5ft 5in
86cm / 34in
67cm / 26in
92cm / 36in
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Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2017 Our Daughter Jane Elise Kumm Feature Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2019 Fire Show Queen Highly Flammable, dir. Vanya Essin, Alex Zizkov
2019 Love and Information Multiple Roles Peter Zazzali
2019 Who is Comming for Dinner? Performer Veronica Butturini
2019 Thinking Dolphins Daphne Tabitha Arthur
2018 Two Gentlemen of Verona Julia (lead) Jaquie Coats
2018 GALA Performer Jérôme Bel
2018 Merry Wives of Windsor Ms Page Chris Jannides
2017 Solo Show Viking Jonathan Price, Patrick Carroll, Tom Eason and Holly Eason
2017 Glass Menagerie Amanda Heather Timms and Erina Daniels
2016 Maids Solange Peppe Östensson
2016 Modern Society Number Two Peppe Östensson and Lennart Peep
2014 Seagull Maša Tiina Rumm
2012 William Shakespeare's collected works Multiple Characters T. Rumm
2011 I Wont Come Back Anja T. Rumm
2010 The Coast of Utopia Tatjana T. Rumm

Short Film

Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2019 The Voyages of the Hourglass Karo Nic Gorman Short Film
2018 Stranded Girl Conor Cameron & Chris Alosio Short Film
2018 The Lobster Heartless Woman & Other Characters Vaughan Silnn Short Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2018 Te Maori Sidesteps' Tour of Te Whanganui-a-tara Tourist Brandon Temoananui & Jamie McCaskill


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2019 Daffodils Loop Group Libertine Pictures, dir. David Stubbs
2019 Hans & Tweet Tweet Massey CMP, dir Tony Matich, Jing Jing Ke


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2019 Creativity Workshop Duncan Sarkies
2019 Screen Workshop Kathy McCrae
2019 Ensemble Audition Workshop Stella Reid
2019 Text and Audition Workshop Jane Yonge
2019 Relationship & Text on Screen Miranda Harcourt
2017 2019 Bachelor of performing Arts Toi Whakaari Drama School
2018 Chekhov Technique Class Elena Stejko
2018 American Accent Workshop Chris Stewart
2018 Screen Workshop Amelia Reid-Meredith
2018 Stage Combat Classes Allan Henry & Simon Manns
2018 John Bolton Masterclass John Bolton
2018 Voice Masterclass Sylvia Rands
2017 Screen Workshop Miranda Harcourt
2017 Audition Workshop Tina Cleary
2017 Perdekamp Emotional Method PEM Stephen Perdekamp & Sarah Victoria
2014 2016 Acting & Collaborative Theatre/Scenkonst Valla Folkhögskola in Linköping Sweden


Advanced: Estonian | Swedish

Intermediate: Russian


Intermediate: European | Scandinavian


Intermediate: Pilates | Snow Skiing | Swimming | Yoga

Circus & Horse

Intermediate: Stage Combat


Advanced: Ballet

Intermediate: General Movement | Modern