Hamish Denton

Hamish Denton

Age Range
39 - 51
NZ European
193cm / 6ft 4in
108cm / 43in
92cm / 36in
102cm / 40in
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Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2002 Chicago Featured Extra The Loop Films Feature Film
2002 Webs Featured Extra Amber Light Films Feature Film
2001 K19: The Widowmaker Stand-in & Double for Harrison Ford / Liam Neeson Intermedia Films / National Geographic Feature Film
1999 The Hurricane Featured Extra 16th Round Productions Feature Film
1998 Pushing Tin Featured Extra Mike Newell / Regency Enterprises Feature Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2002 Mutant X Stand-in & Double Mutant X Productions Other
2001 Rogers TV Presenter Rogers Cable TV Other


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2014 Blanket Bay Lodge Wanaka Voice-over Abes Audio (http://www.abesaudio.com.au/)


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2016 Nescafe Voice-over Abes Audio
2016 Fit Bit Voice-over Abes Audio
2016 Yakult Voice-over Abes Audio
2016 Tile Warehouse Voice-over TVNZ
2016 Jet Star Voice-over TVNZ
2016 Air NZ (TVC for Aussie Market) Aussie Husband True / Air NZ
2015 Vodafone Warriors Voice-over Abes Audio


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2013 Classic Hits Breakfast Show Host Radio Network
2003 2008 MORE FM Breakfast Host Mediaworks
2003 MORE FM Weekend Announcer & Production Engineer Mediaworks
1999 The MIX 99.9FM Overnight Announcer & Production Engineer Standard Broadcasting
1996 TNT FM Night Show Announcer TNT Magazine
1995 KIS FM Drive Announcer & Production Engineer Otago Group
1994 Radio Central Drive Announcer & Copy Writing Otago Group
1993 Port FM Night Announcer Port FM
1992 ZM Announcer (Weekends) & Promotions Radio Network
2016 One-Double-X Corporate Station Voice Bay of Plenty Radio
2015 2016 Reading Cinemas Voice-over Ticket Kiosk Abes Audio
2013 2016 On-Hold Messages On-Hold messages for Air NZ, Budget Rentals etc... Messages On-Hold
2012 2016 TV2 Corporate Voice TVNZ