Jed Brophy

Jed Brophy

NZ European
Age Range
54 - 66
174cm / 5ft 9in
94cm / 37in
73cm / 29in
80cm / 31in
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Jed’s dynamic film career boasts credits to extensive to list. After graduating Toi Whakaari, his first screen role was opposite Robert Powell in the feature film Once on Chunuk Bair. The same year he was cast as the Zombie ‘Void’ in Sir Peter Jackson’s Braindead. This was the beginning of a long working relationship with Jackson. In 1993 he was cast in Jackson’s thriller Heavenly Creatures and then, in 1998, in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He appeared as six different characters across the films, including Snagu and Sharku, the Nazgul, a Black Rider and a Rohan Captain. In 2005 he played one of the Venture Crew in Jackson’s King Kong and then, perhaps most notably, was cast as Nori the Dwarf in The Hobbit trilogy.

 Other feature film credits include the Oscar-nominated District 9, New Zealand-Korean fantasy action film Warriors Way, and the Kiwi feature films Second-Hand Wedding, Tracker, Perfect Strangers, WW1 drama Home by Christmas, the horror The Dead Room, and 2021 delight, Poppy.

 Television credits include the Legend of the Seeker, The Killian Curse, Xena: Warrior Princess, the acclaimed telefeature Tangiwai, the Dagda Mor in MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles, and General Stephen Kerney in the US series Palisade.

 Jed has also worked extensively as a motion capture performer. This work includes The Planet of the Apes, Tin Tin, and alongside Andy Serkis in the PlayStation games Heavenly Sword.  He also voiced several characters for Te Papa and Weta Workshop’s WWI Memorial Exhibition and worked as the movement coach for the Disney movie Pete’s Dragon.

 A keen horse Rider and a member of the Paekakariki Surf Life Saving Club, he spends his weekends on the beach or on his horse.  He is married and has two boys, both of whom featured in the LOTR trilogy.


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2021 Poppy Mr Jackson Poppy Pictures Ltd. dir, Linda Niccol Feature Film
2018 Blue Moon Darren Cates Dark Horse Films, dir. Stefen Harris Feature Film
2017 Quinn's Post Soldier WingNut Films, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2015 The Dead Room Liam Andrews Centron Pictures, dir. Jason Stutter Feature Film
2014 The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Nori 3 Foot 7 Limited, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2013 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Nori 3 Foot 7 Limited, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2012 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Nori 3 Foot 7 Limited, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2011 Tangiwai Dirk Brittenden Lippy Productions, dir. Charlie Haskell Feature Film
2010 The Warrior's Way Jacques Rogue, dir. Sngmoo Lee Feature Film
2009 District 9 James Hope Dir. Neill Blomkemp Feature Film
2009 Tin Tin Mocap Performer Dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2009 Tracker Private Barker Digit Films, dir. Ian Sharp Feature Film
2009 The Lovely Bones Stunt Performer DreamWorks, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2009 Home By Christmas Mart Preston Gaylene Preston Productions, dir. Gayleen Preston Feature Film
2008 Laundry Warrior Jacques Dir. Sngmoo Lee Feature Film
2007 Second Hand Wedding Warren Waz Morris Dir. Paul Murphy Feature Film
2006 10,000 B.C. Slave Raider/ Rider Dir. Roland Emeric Feature Film
2006 PS3 - Heavenly Sword Mo Cap Performer/Various Weta Digital, dir. Andy Serkis Feature Film
2005 King Kong Venture Crew Big Primate Pictures, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2004 Fracture Tony Dorio Kahukura Productions, dir. Larry Parr Feature Film
2003 Perfect Strangers Pete Preston-Laing Productions, dir. Gaylene Preston Feature Film
2002 Lord of the Rings :The Two Towers Snaga/Sharku New Line, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2000 Tongan Ninja Banker Jason Stutter Films, dir. Jason Stutter Feature Film
2000 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Black Rider/Orc Commander New Line Cinema, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
1999 A Greater Plan Kane Fletcher Jayco Films, dir. Jason Stutter Feature Film
1995 Chicken Will Tilfer Keir Films, dir. Grant Lahood Feature Film
1993 Heavenly Creatures John/Nicholas Wingnut Films, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
1993 The Last Tattoo Furlough Man Plumb Prod / Capella, dir. John Reid Feature Film
1992 Absent Without Leave Joe Meridian Films, dir. John Laing Feature Film
1991 Braindead Void Wingnut Films, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
1991 Chunuk Bair Fred South Daybreak Films, dir. Dale Bradley Feature Film
1991 Married Kevin (Lead) Preston-Laing Productions, dir. Gaylene Preston Feature Film


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2022 LOTR : Rings of Power Murrel Amazon Drama
2018 The Men Who Built America: Frontiersmen Stephen Kearny Steven David Entertainment, dir. Jon Earler, Johnny St Ours Drama
2015 The Shannara Chronicles Dagda Mor MTV NZ Ltd. Drama
2013 War News Jack Allison Gibson Group, dir. Mike Smith Drama
2009 The Legend of the Seeker Shadrin The Walt Disney Company (NZ) Drama
2006 Killian Curse Mr Shepherd TVNZ, dir. Thomas Robbins Drama
2006 Karaoke High Murray TVNZ, dir. Thomas Robbins Drama
2003 Freaky Father Avalon Prod, dir. Jason Stutter Drama
2002 Revelations Peitre Cloud 9, dir. Murry Keane Drama
2000 Xena - Warrior Princess Ramius Pacific Renaissance Drama
1998 Shortland Street Jack Galloway South Pacific Pictures Drama
1997 Ngā Wāhine Matt's Mate Dir. Riwia Brown Drama
1997 Mirror Mirror Jack Forrest Gibson Group, dir. John Banas Drama
1996 Return to Treasure Island Capt. Savage Cloud 9, dir. Steve La Hood Drama
1996 Swiss Family Robinson Seth Cloud 9, dir. John Laing Drama
1996 Cover Story Matt (Guest Lead) Gibson Group, dir. Mike Smith Drama
1995 Hercules Gnatius Pacific Renaissance, dir. T.J Scott Drama
1995 Enid Blyton Stories Constable Cloud 9 Productions Drama
1993 Your Place or Mine? Lead Dir. David Reid Drama
1993 Marlin Bay Helicopter Pilot Dir. Wayne Tyrell Drama
1990 Undercover Trainee Cop Dir. Yvonne Mckay Drama
1989 Small War on the Edge of Town Constable Drama


Year Production Role Company / Director
2009 The Blackening Dir. Paul McLaughlin
2009 Beautiful Collision Martin
2007 Finding Murdoch Lin Colling Downstage, dir. Geraldine Brophy
2006 Skin Tight Tom Queenstown Arts Festival, dir. Miranda Harcourt
2004 Skin Tight Tom Downstage Theatre, dir. Miranda Harcourt
2003 The Book of Fame Various Dir. Gary Henderson
2001 Marathon Steve Circa Theatre, dir. Peter Hambleton
1999 Trainspotting Franco Begbie Dir. Chris Mead
1998 Skin Tight Tom Traverse Theatre, dir. Cathy Downes
1998 Eugenial Various Queer Up North Festival, dir. Cathy Downes
1997 Skin Tight Tom Festival Taranaki, dir. Guy Boyce
1997 Blue Vein Zack et al Bats Theatre, dir. Duncan Sarkies
1996 Hamlet Laertes Circa Theatre, dir. Bruce Philliips
1996 Picasso at the Lapin Agile Picasso Circa Theatre, dir. Ross Jolly
1996 Eugenia Various Taki Rua, dir. Cathy Downes
1996 The Learners Stand Terry Dir. Susan Wilson
1996 Skin Tight Tom Dir. Gary Henderson
1994 Into the Woods Baker Watershed, dir. Simon Bennet
1994 Skin Tight Tom Bats Theatre, dir. Gary Henderson
1994 Titus Andronicus Chiron Maidment Theatre, dir. Simon Bennet
1994 Henry 8 Anne Boleyn Dir. Christian Penny, Anna Marbrook
1993 Ladies Night ll Craig Dir. William Kircher
1993 Temptations of St Max St Christopher Dir. Ken Duncan
1993 Sunset Cafe Billy Dir. Gary Henderson
1992 Close Axle Dir. James Beaumont, Simon Bennet
1992 Blue Remembered Hills Raymond Dir. Murray Lynch
1991 Land of Trash Nuke Dir. Jenny Wake
1991 Idol Adultery Jim Dir. Simon Bennet
1991 Caramel Cream Peter Dir. Duncan Smith
1991 Have You Seen This Jimmy Angel Dirs. Jed Brophy, Sean Allen
1990 Peter and the Wolf Peter Dir. Leanne Plunkett
1990 Once Upon a Mattress Prince Dir. Elrich Hooper
1988 Gothic but Staunch Stump Dir. David Greay
1988 Ladies Night Norman Dir. Michael Hurst

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2019 Die Like A Shark Felix Dir. Nick Epstein Short Film
2017 Shelter Dad Dir. Finn Culver Short Film
2014 The Ballad of Maddog Quinn Captain Lavey Little Dragon Productions Ltd, dir. Matt Inns Short Film
2013 The Offering Lord Dragon Gate Pictures, dir. Elizabeth Crummet Short Film
2010 Dangerous Ride Martin One Car Films, dir. Linda Niccol Short Film
2010 Darryn Exists Freckles Falling Sandwich Films, dir. Jamie Lawrence Short Film
2009 Beautiful Collision Dir. Glenis Giles Short Film
2000 Unda Cuva Lead Dir. Jed Brophy Short Film
1999 Room Tone Geoffrey (Lead) Dir. Charlie McLellan Short Film
1998 Group Therapy Lead Dir. Tessa Hoffe Short Film
1997 Gun Lovers Tony Dir. Jason Stutter Short Film
1995 Dirty Creatures Groom Wingnut Films, dir. Grant Campbell Short Film
1994 Lemming Aid John Keir Films, dir. Grant Lahood Short Film
1993 Casual Sex Ricky Dir. Harry Sinclair Short Film
1993 Virginia's Candy Lead Dir. Lorae Parry Short Film


Intermediate: American - Californian | Australian | UK - English


Advanced: Gymnastics

Circus & Horse

Advanced: Horse Riding

Singing Range


Musical Instruments

Advanced: Drums | Guitar | Keyboard