Larry Rew

Larry Rew

Age Range
68 - 76
186cm / 6ft 1in
92cm / 36in
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UK based - can self tape
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Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2017 The Endless Village BGWG (Major Role) General Public Projects UK / Arts UK Feature Film
2016 Crucible of the Vampire Karl Ghost Dog Films (UK), dir. Iain Ross McNamee Feature Film
2015 Irongate Admiral Creighton Magnificent Films London, dir. Sean Cronin Feature Film
2014 Get Gone Shane Branded G Productions UK Feature Film
2008 Underworld Rise of the Lycans Kosta Dir. Patrick Tatopoulos Feature Film
2008 Avatar Crematorium Tech Dir. James Cameron Feature Film
2005 Aidiko Insane The Surgeon Aidiko Insane Ltd. NZ Feature Film
2000 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring King of Men Wingnut Films NZ / New Line Cinema, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2017 7 Days Grandad Clee Pixel Revolution Films UK Drama
2015 Notes on Blindness The Stranger BBC Arts (UK), dir. Archers Mark Drama
2013 Bloody Tales of Europe Wentzel Forster National Geographic Television / True North Productions UK Drama
2011 Troubled Waters Fast Eddie Red Fox TV UK Drama
2010 Past Perfect Future Tense Lead - Presenter and Narrator Vivid Productions UK Other
2009 2010 Inbindable Volume Narrator and Presenter Vivid Studios, Birmingham, UK Other
2007 Karaoke High Magistrate TVNZ Drama
2003 Freaky Hank TVNZ, dir. Jason Stutter Drama
2002 Revelations: The Judges Punishment The Judge: Aviner (episode lead) Cloud 9 Productions, dir. John Reid Drama
2001 Blonde Cargo Mr Timmonds Gibson Group / Hoffman & Vosges, dir. Martin Enlen Drama
2001 Dark Knight 2: The Puppet Master Roegal Tarr (episode lead) Palana Productions NZ, dir. Terry Marcell Drama
2000 Dark Knight: Ultimate Sword Lord Sirius Palana Productions NZ Drama
2005 Monsters of the Deep Narrator Red SkyTelevision NZ, dir. Bryan Bruce Other
2003 The Lost Dinosaurs of New Zealand Narrator Red Sky Television / TVNZ Other


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2006 Around the Clock / Easy to Swallow Benson (Lead) / Narrator Pattern 23 Theatre Co
2004 Blue Kettle Mr Vane Studio 77, dir. Madeline McNamara

Short Film

Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2017 The Gangster & the Angel Harry Fontaine (Title Role) Theodore Films UK Short Film
2016 Oedipus Claude (lead) Cad and Bounder Films (UK) Short Film
2015 A Cup of Tea James AC Videomakers Italy, Genoa Film Short Film
2014 Actium Silius Cinecitta Studios Rome (Italy) / Kazoo Creative (UK), dir. Henrick B Clausen Short Film
2013 Release Malcolm Corben Singular Films UK, dir. Ben Marsden Short Film
2013 Ink Jack (lead) Metfilm / Crowhouse (UK) Short Film
2010 Bigger Badder (major support) Trenchcoat Plaural Films UK, dir. Jolly Demon Short Film
2009 Mis-Drop Old Timer (Master Sergeant) Blackwater Films NZ, dir. Ferand Peek Short Film
2000 04 The Suspect Joseph The Film School, Wellington, NZ Short Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2017 B2B Corporate Video Old School (Major Role) Spark Media Birmingham / London UK
2016 Aim Higher Grandad Koala Television UK
2016 UK Government training videos x 10 Character voice overs Vermillion Films UK
2016 Judas Fire St Joseph (lead) Ferric Lux, Vivid Studios UK
2015 MPharm GP training Mr Jones (lead) Ben Hur Productions UK
2015 TrustFord Larry SGA Productions UK
2010 Inbindable Volume Presenter Vivid Prods, dir. Karin Kihlberg UK
2014 Pension Video Lead 2-4 Productions London
2005 Maori Mental Health Sal Execam NZ


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2017 Snowed In: Waitrose Supermarket Xmas The Doctor Academy Films London UK, dir. Martin de Thurah
2014 The price of Coffee documentary Presenter and VO BCU Studios Birmingham UK
2017 British Safety Council Documentary Film Voiceover/narration Heavy Entertainment Sudios London
2016 Charles Lapworth video Charles Lapworth BCU Studios Birmingham UK
2012 2013 Diageo Vision Associates UK
2011 Building a City Character voiceover Post Office Studios, W.Midlands (UK)
2011 Pfizer Corporate Video Clockwork Communications, Birmingham, UK
2006 Te Papa: Art of the Nation TVC TVC voice over Colenso / Marmalde Audio (NZ)
2006 Te Papa: Discovery Installation Captain Cook
2006 Te Papa: The Lord of the Rings exhibition TVC voice over Colenso / Marmalde Audio (NZ)
2006 Te Papa: Egypt: Beyond the Tomb TVC voice over Colenso / Marmalade Audio (NZ)


Year Description Institution / Presenter
1965 1968 Full time accreditted drama school UK Birmingham School of Speech and Drama / BSA UK


Advanced: British | UK - Cockney | UK - English | Welsh

Intermediate: American - General | American - New England | American - Urban | European | German | Irish

Driving & Flying

Advanced: Stick Shift

Intermediate: Driving (general) | Dune Buggy | Sports Car | Van