Lisa Zhang

Lisa Zhang

Asian, Chinese
Age Range
19 - 29
170cm / 5ft 7in
90cm / 35in
72cm / 28in
90cm / 35in
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New Zealand born Chinese Actor Lisa Zhang made her screen debut as Jiayue on Inked TV series (2021) by Mingjian Cui, the first funded Chinese-bilingual show in Aotearoa.

She shortly followed with an appearance on 21st Century Studio thriller No Exit in 2021 and was accepted into the prestigious New Zealand acting school, The Actors Program, in 2022. 

In 2023, Lisa made her theatre debut, as Lily in How To Throw A Chinese Funeral by Jill Kwan, the winner of Playmarket’s Asian Ink in 2021 and Adam NZ Play Award finalist in 2022. The show was bilingual-Cantonese and ran a successful sold-out two week season. 


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2022 No Exit Devon 20th Century Studio, dir: Damien Power Feature Film
2018 Mulan Tulou Villager Walt Disney Pictures, dir. Niki Caro Feature Film


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2020 Inked Jiayue Inked Pictures Ltd. Drama

Web Series

Year Production Role Company / Director
2021 Good Grief Nina Brown, Sugar, Apple, Grunt


Year Production Role Company / Director
2023 How To Throw A Chinese Funeral Lily Proudly Asian Theatre and Hand Pulled Collective, dir: Jill Kwan
2022 Nora: A Doll's House Nora 3 The Actors Program, dir: Kitan Petkovski
2022 They Wheel Beatriz dir: Benjamin Henson
2019 A Yellow Peril (play reading) Proudly Asian Theatre / dir.Chye-Ling Huang

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2023 Strangers Evelyn Zine Film Collective, dir: James Fink-Jensen Short Film
2023 Another Hero Eve Another Hero, dir: Karla Spika Short Film
2022 Think Tank Angela Love, Blood & Rhetoric Productions, dir: Caroline Bell Booth2022 Short Film
2022 Trauma Chen Trauma Production dir: Stella Jin Short Film
2019 Ninja Hana Hana Dir.Helen Wu Short Film
2018 No Medicine For Regrets Chang'er Dir. Ryan See Short Film
2018 AUT Short Film Project Lead AUT Short Film
2018 My First Time Lead Dir. Hweiling Ow Short Film


Year Production Role Company / Director
2024 The Halfway - Music Video Clementine Ray Leslie Productions, dir: Luke Penney


Year Production Role Company / Director
2024 Lunar New Year Tick Tok Lisa (self) Auckland Council
2018 Cashback World Social Media Advertisement Lead Cashback World VIP


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2022 Intimacy Coordination and Best Practice Jennifer Ward-Lealand
2022 Audition Skills Kate McGill
2022 Diploma of Acting, Screen & Theatre The Actors Program
2022 The Connected Actor Sara Wiseman
2022 Intro to LABAN Michele Hine
2022 Vocal Technique & Practice Cherie Moore
2022 Theatre Drill Scenes Lara MacGregor
2022 Australian Accent Alex Whitham
2022 American Accent Jacque Drew
2022 Voice Over Charlotte West
2022 Voiceover/ADR John Callen
2022 Stage Combat Alex Holloway
2022 Shakespeare David Lawrence
2022 Self Taping David Van Horn
2020 On-Camera Scene Study Jamie Irvine
2018 Screen Intensive with Chum Ehelepola Sydney Actors Collective/ Chum Ehelepola
2018 The Art of Audition Ron Yuan


Advanced: Mandarin

Intermediate: Japanese


Advanced: Mandarin | New Zealand

Intermediate: American - Californian | American - General | Asian | Australian | British | Chinese | Standard US | UK - English


Advanced: Athletics | Basketball | Frisbee | Running / Jogging | Volleyball | Volleyball

Intermediate: Badminton | Gym | Ice Skating | Martial Arts | Ping Pong / Table Tennis | Roller Blading | Roller Skating | Swimming | Weight Lifting | Yoga

Driving & Flying

Advanced: Driving (general)

Singing Range


Singing Styles

Advanced: Contemporary | General | Popular

Intermediate: Lip Sync | Musical

Musical Instruments

Advanced: Piano

Intermediate: Guitar | Keyboard


Intermediate: General Movement