Lorae Parry

Lorae Parry

NZ European
Age Range
62 - 76
168cm / 5ft 6in
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Year Production Role Company / Director Type
1992 The Rainbow Warrior Constable Dir. Dorothee Pinfold Feature Film


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2005 Election Skits Helen Clark TV3 Comedy
2004 Facelift Helen Clark & Clive Woodward Gibson Group Comedy
2003 Shortland Street Det. Linda McMahon South Pacific Pictures Drama
2003 Freaky Dramas Mum Avalon Studios, dir. Thomas Robins Drama
2002 The Strip Gibson Group Drama
2000 Clare Gibson Group Drama
2000 TV Censored Bloopers Helen Clark Comedy
1997 Mirror Mirror Gibson Group Drama
1994 Cover Story Gibson Group Drama
1992 Shark in the Park Gibson Group Drama
1992 Open House TVNZ Drama
1992 Ray Bradbury Theatre Drama
1992 Bread & Roses Drama
1992 Country GP TVNZ Drama
1992 Peppermint Twist Drama
1992 Close to Home TVNZ Drama


Year Production Role Company / Director
2014 Vagina Monologues Various Circa Theatre
2011 Sex Drive Circa Theatre
2005 Truth About Love tour Lead Dir. Jan Bolwell
2005 Crows Feet Various Dir. Jan Bolwell
2005 The Candidates Lead Circa Theatre, dir. Jan Bolwell
2005 Crows Feet Various Dir. Jan Bolwell
2005 Taking Off Jean Centrepoint, dir. Darien Takel
2004 Destination Beehive Various Circa Theatre
The Truth About Love Circa Theatre
Vagabonds Downstage Theatre
Vagina Monologues V-Day Circa Theatre
Darling Woman lead Eugenia
Eugenia lead NZ, UK, Sydney
Falling from Grace lead Downstage Theatre
Steaming Downstage Theatre
Ophelia Thinks Harder Circa Theatre
Hens' Teeth
The Odd Couple Downstage Theatre
Top Girls Lead Circa Theatre
The Art of Success lead Taki Rua
Design for Living lead Downstage Theatre
The Second Mrs Tanqueray Downstage Theatre
Adolf Downstage Theatre
East Lynn Downstage Theatre
Music Hall Downstage Theatre
Finnagin's Wife lead Downstage Theatre
Candide Downstage Theatre
The Balcony Downstage Theatre
Love Labours Lost Downstage Theatre

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2000 Room Tone Short Film


Year Description Institution / Presenter
Graduate Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School