Luke Hawker

Luke Hawker

NZ European
Age Range
39 - 47
175cm / 5ft 9in
93cm / 37in
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Luke Hawker has been working as an Actor, Creature performer, Stunt performer and Special Creature Effects artist for over 20 years.

Luke's movement background spans 3 decades starting as an elite level gymnast and professional dancer in his early years, before focusing towards acting and movement for theater and film. Drawing on these years of performance, martial arts, stunts and movement experience, Luke has performed a multitude of creatures for film and TV including the titular creatures for films KRAMPUS and Netflix’s  I AM MOTHER.

Working extensively with Weta FX as a Motion capture creature/Stunt performer Luke has also spent years behind the camera with sister company Weta Workshop as senior Technician /Creature and Movement specialist for the multi award winning company.

Most recently Luke was a movement coach for the smash hit film M3GAN where he worked with performer Aime Donald to bring to life the iconic robot doll Character of M3GAN.

Luke’s undying passion and extensive skill base for movement, performance, stunts and specifically creatures, has seen him working and collaborating with some of the biggest names in international filmmaking. Luke's deep passion, years spent onset as an Actor/Stunt Performer as well as a Specialty Costumer, gives him an added edge with the technical and artistic challenges of creating iconic creatures and performances for the screen.


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2023 Barbed Wire Canoe Nathan Centron Films, dir: Jason Sutter Feature Film
2023 Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Motion Capture Stunt Performer Paramount Feature Film
2023 Time Bandits Stunt Performer dir: Jemaine Clemet Feature Film
2022 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Motion Capture Stunt Performer Marvel Studios Feature Film
2022 Thor: Love and Thunder Motion Capture Stunt Performer Marvel Studios Feature Film
2022 M3GAN Movement Coach to Amie Donald dir: Gerald Johnson Feature Film
2019 I am Mother Mother Netflix/Mother Holdings Pty Ltd, dir. Grant Sputore Feature Film
2019 Shadow In The Cloud Motion Capture Creature Performer dir: Roseanne Liang Feature Film
2015 Krampus Krampus Washtub Prods Ltd, dir. Michael Dougherty Feature Film
2015 How to Murder Your Wife Stunt Double dir: Riccardo Pellizzeri Tele-Feature Film
2013 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Elven Trumpeter 3 Foot 7, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2012 How To Meet Girls From a Distance Postie Traces Of Nut, dir. Dean Hewison Feature Film
2012 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Motion Capture Performer 3 Foot 7, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2011 Contract Killers Bowman Engineered Films, dir. Matthew Pearson Feature Film
2011 The Adventures of Tintin Stunt Motion Capture Stunt Performer dir: Steven Spielberg Feature Film
2011 RAGE Young Constable (Speaking Role) Tom Scott Productions, dir. Danny Mulheron Feature Film
2011 The Cure Richard The Cure Production Ltd Feature Film
2011 Eternity Computer Hacker Dir. Alex Galvin Feature Film
2010 Crab Island Derrick Dir. Mike Tandecki Feature Film
2010 Peter Jackson (Digital Pre-visual work) Motion Capture performer Wingnut Films, dir. Peter Jackson Feature Film
2010 The Devils Rock Private Muller Chameleon Pictures, dir. Paul Campion Feature Film
2010 Wind in the Willows Mole Dir. Ray Griggs Feature Film
2009 Avatar Ambient Tech - Speaking Role 880 Feature Film
2008 AVATAR Body double / Stunt double for Giovanni Ribisi Dir. James Cameron Feature Film
2007 Kissy Kissy Craig Dir. Alex Greenough, Elrich Kane Feature Film
2006 Blackspot Paul Talking Hawker Pictures Feature Film
2006 Black Sheep Investor/were-sheep Live Stock Productions, dir. Jonathan King Feature Film
2003 I Think I'm Going Will Dir. Alex Greenough Feature Film


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2022 The Last of Us Motion Capture Stunt Performer Paramount Drama
2022 Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power 'Magrot' Orc General/Multiple Orc Characters Amazon Studios Drama
2019 Game of Thrones Stunt Motion Capture Performer HBO Drama
2013 Top of the Lake Stunt Double dir: Jane Campion Drama
2013 Small Blacks TV Robbo - Core Cast Cereal TV, dir. Marc Weakly Drama
2013 War News LT. Barrowclough Gibson Group. dir. Mike Smith Drama
2011 'Rugger Tales' Small Blacks TV Powa - Core Cast Cereal TV, dir. Marc Weakly Drama
2010 Tangiwai - Tele feature Army Private - Speaking Role Lippy Pictures, dir. Charlie Haskell Drama
2009 Blind Faith Lance Gibson Group Drama
2008 After Shock Salvation Army Helper Gibson Group Drama
2007 The Killians Curse TVNZ Drama
2007 Paradise (comedy) Rolf Gibson Group, dir. Geoff Murphy Drama
2007 Undercover Patrick Gibson Group Drama
2006 Sensing Murder 2 Danny Ninox Television, dir. Paul Murphy Drama
2005 The Killians Curse Parent/Brother TVNZ Drama
2005 The Killians Curse The Alien TVNZ Drama
2004 Hydrangea Monologues Pilot Fain Theatre Productions, dir. Stuart Curtis Drama
2002 The Tribe Techno Cloud 9 Productions Drama


Year Production Role Company / Director
2009 5 Prisoner, Cheesecake boy, Rat Puppy Shark Production
2009 The Frogs Under The Water Front Euripides Bard Productions, dir Paul Stephanus
2008 Black Tuesday Lewellyn Kerr / Pat Hickey Theatre Militia, dir. Rachel Lenart
2007 Lovers Of Central Park Seth Connect Productions, dir. James Hadley
2007 Little Shop Of Horros Redubbed Seymour/ Flower Eater/Jack Nichlson/Robber Naked Pictures, dir. Rebecca Rowe
2006 A Lie Of the Mind Jake (lead) Dir. Darrell Haddon
2006 Wheel Tobias South Paw Productions, dir. Sonya Stewart
2006 Noisy Shadows News Reader Dir. Rachel Lenart
2004 The Auditor Gonzales Dir. Dr Dapertutto

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2013 The Handkerchief Allistar One Car Films, dir. Linda Niccol Short Film
2011 A Day in the life Greg Dir. Alia Miller Short Film
2011 The Replacement Protocol Lachlan Dir. Neil Mayo Short Film
2010 Sweet As James Dir. Aya Tanimura Short Film
2010 No good To Me Brett Dir. Andrew Killen Short Film
2010 101 Dates Ethan Dir. Chaz Harris Short Film
2010 Septicity Ray Dir. Josh Cleary Short Film
2010 Balls And Chain Sydney Manson (lead) Dog Films Short Film
2010 The Trots Doctor Miller Dir. Graham Scott Short Film
2009 Extraction Josh Roberts (Lead) D.O.G Films Short Film
2009 Black Out Mark International Bar Tenders Association, dir. Chaz Harris Short Film
2009 Miss Drop Co-pilot Dir. Ferand Peek Short Film
2009 With Firm Intent Jack - Male Lead Dir. Neil Mayo Short Film
2008 The Chronicles of Long Hung Long Hung Well Dong D.O.G Films Short Film
2007 New Found The Stranger Dir. Sandeep Khurana Short Film
2007 Lucky Benji Dir. Rebekah Sherratt Short Film
2007 The Three Little Peggs Jerry "The Wolf" Ried D.O.G. Films Short Film
2006 Stella John Dir. Shane Filler Short Film
2006 Waked Bill Dir. Mike Murphy Short Film
2006 Going Mathew (lead) Dir .Mark Gedye Short Film
2006 Ghetto Fabulous Charlie Naked Pictures, dir. Simon Hall Short Film
2005 Bessy Lee Bodil de Rezny Naked Pictures (48 Hour Film) Short Film
2003 Lust Male Demon Dir. Mike Murphy Short Film


Year Production Role Company / Director
2011 Cardinal Hero Zombie Weta, dir. Lee Tamahori/
2010 Rugby Challenge Motion Capture Performer Sidhe


Year Description Institution / Presenter
1997 Young Actors course, A one day a week course tutored buy industry professionals for a full year NIDA National Institute of Dramatic art


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Advanced: Snow Board

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Musical Instruments

Advanced: Drums | Electric Bass

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Advanced: Disco | General Movement | Jazz

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