Lyndee-Jane Rutherford

Lyndee-Jane Rutherford

Age Range
43 - 59
NZ European
160cm / 5ft 3in
80cm / 31in
98cm / 39in
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Rutherford has been a professional actor for 15 years. She has over thirty professional theatre acting productions under her belt. She has performed and directed at Downstage, Circa, Bats and Centrepoint Theatres.

She was nominated for actress of the year at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards in 2003 for her performance in In Flame at Circa. She has been core cast on many a TV series, Skitz, Telly Laughs and The Semisis. She was core cast on the TV2 afternoon kids show WNTV (2002-2003). She has just finished filming a new TV2 Drama. She has been a dialogue coach on The Tribe and an acting tutor. Her versatile voice can be heard on many a radio and television commercial, especially the SPARC advertising campaigns over the last couple of years.


Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2016 Chronesthesia Gardener Dir. Hayden J. Weal Feature Film
2010 Hook, Line and Sinker WINZ official Torchlight Films, dir. Andrea Bosshard Feature Film
2000-2001 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Loop Group Feature Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2021 Wellington Paranormal Sophie Drama
2007 The Hothouse Megan Gibson Group Drama
2005 The Insiders Guide to Love Connie Gibson Group, dir. Various Drama
2001 Target Various Dir. Steven Whelan-Turnbull Drama
2011 The Erin Simpson Show Field Director Whitebait TV Drama
2009-2010 Giggles Naughty Fairy TVNZ6 Drama
2002-2003 WNTV Floss TV2 / Avalon, dir. Mark Owers Drama
2002 Willy Nilly Harriet TV1 / Big House, dir. Mike Smith Drama
2001 Atlantis High Nebula (Alien) Worldwide / Cloud 9, dir. Geoff Hussan/Andrew Merrifield Drama
1998 Newsflash Missy Fergusson/Various Gibson Group, dir. Fiona Mckenzie Drama
1998 Telly Laughs Core Cast/ Various TV3 / Gibson Group, dir. Hori Ahipene Drama
1997 The Semisis Sue the Palagi TV3 / Gibson Group, dir. Danny Mulheron Drama
1997 Skitz IV Core Cast/Various TV3 / Gibson Group, dir. Hori Ahipene Drama
1996 Telly Laughs Cora Cast/Various TV3 / Gibson Group, dir. Ahipene, Mulheron Drama
1996 Skitz III Lead/Various Dir. Danny Mulheron, Hori Ahipenen Drama
1995 Skitz ll Core Cast TV3 / Gibson Group, dir. Danny Mulheron Drama
1994 Skitz Core Cast/Various Gibson Group, dir. Danny Mulheron Drama


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2012 Calendar Girls Brenda Hulse/Lady Cravenshire/Elaine The Court Theatre, Christchurch, dir. Alison Quigan
2010 Grumpy Old Women Lead National Tour, dir. David McPhail
2010 Mauritius Mary Circa Theatre, Wellington, dir. Ross Jolly
2010 The Nero Show Poppea Circa Theatre, Wellington, dir. Paul Jenden
2008 Rome the Musical Octavia Circa Theatre
2008 The Hollow Men Various Maidment Theatre
2008 Who Wants to be 100? The Carers Fortune Theatre
2007 Monarchy the Musical Various Circa Theatre
2007 Fat Pig Jennie Circa Theatre
2006 Mum's Choir Terri Downstage Theatre
2006 Troy The Musical Lead -Leda, Thetis, Hermione, Aphrodite Circa Theatre
2005 The Cherry Orchard Dunyasha Circa Theatre
2004 Songs of the Sea Various/Puppeteer National Tour, dir. Peter Wilson
2003 Motormouth Motormouth Captial E Theatre, dir. Jacqueline Coates
2003 In Flame Clara/Clootie Circa Theatre, dir. Susan Wilson
2003 Vagina Monologues Lead Centrepoint Theatre, dir. Jude Gibson
2002 Ladies Night Centrepoint Theatre, dir. Simon Ferry
2001 Secret Bridesmaids Business Meg (Bride) Centrepoint Theatre, dir. Kate Elliot
2001 King Lear Regan Centrepoint Theatre, dir. Alison Quigan
2001 Take a Chance On Me LIz/24 Characters Centrepoint Theatre, dir. Alison Quigan
1999 Travesties Nadya Circa Theatre, dir. Susan Wilson


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2005 Care of Children Act - NBV Journalist Dir. Brent Williams, Educational Resources


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2013 Colgate Palmolive Marmalade
2013 Wheedle NZ Wilson Ideation
2005-2006 SPARC Push Play Voice for campaigns Young & Rubicon
2000 Snakeskin Voice of Petrol Pump, Attendant General Release, dir. Gillian Ashurst
1993-2010 Radio and Television Various award winning ads, including an International AXIS award


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2003 Degree in Performing Arts Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School
1992/93 Diploma in Professional Acting Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School


Advanced: American - Californian | American - General | American - New York | Australian | British | Dutch | Indian | Irish | Māori | New Zealand | Russian | South African | UK - Cockney | UK - English | UK - N. Ireland

Intermediate: American - Ghetto | American - Midwest | American - New England | American - Southern | American - Urban | American - Western | Canadian | Continental | European | French | German | Italian | Pakistani


Intermediate: Swimming

Circus & Horse

Intermediate: Impersonation | Puppeteer

Driving & Flying

Advanced: Driving (general)

Intermediate: Van

Singing Range

Alto | C. Soprano | Mezzo | Soprano

Singing Styles

Advanced: Ballad | Cabaret | Choral | Country and Western | Folk | General | Musical | Show

Intermediate: Blues | Contemporary | Jazz | Lip Sync | Opera | Popular | Rock


Intermediate: General Movement