Madeleine Adams

Madeleine Adams

Age Range
18 - 28
NZ European
163cm / 5ft 4in
81cm / 32in
66cm / 26in
81cm / 32in
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Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2019 Black Christmas Helena Blumhouse Productions , dir. Sophia Takal Feature Film
2019 Faint of Heart Ella (Major Support) Dir. Mason Cade Packer, Micah Winiata Feature Film
2018 In A Flash Sarah Brooks (Core Cast) Screentime NZ, dir. Ric Pellizzeri Tele-Feature Film
2018 Mortal Engines Salzhaken Woman (Featured) Hungry City Ltd, dir. Christian Rivers Feature Film
2015 Close Enough Jamie (Core Cast) Two Pumps Ltd, dir. Kenneth Chapman Feature Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2021 The Gulf S2 Rawinia Wells The Gulf Productions, dir. Charlie Haskall Drama
2020 Mystic Bianca CbbC/TVNZ, dir. Peter Salmon, Aidee Walker, Michael Hurst Drama
2019 Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Megan (Guest) Hasbro / Nickelodeon , dir. Riccardo Pellizzeri & Oliver Driver Drama
2018 The Men Who Built America: Frontiersmen Jemima Boone (Major Support) Steven David Entertainment, dir. John Ealer, Johnny Saint Ours Drama

Web Series

Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2018 AliBi Jodie Hunter (Lead) Plus6Four Productions / TVNZ, dir. Dave de Lautour
2016 Bright Summer Night Mia Selene (Core Cast) The Candle Wasters, dir. Sally Bollinger, Elsie Bollinger


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2020 Browns Bay Intermediate School Reunion Matilda Auckland Fringe Festival, dir. Harriet Maire
2016 The Love of the Nightingale Philomele (Lead) Dir. Caroline Wallis
2016 The Wizard of Oz The Wicked Witch of the West (Core Cast) Dir. Claire Thorley
2015 The Last Gasp Cafe Team Leader (Lead) Dir. Claire Thorley
2015 A Midsummer Nights Dream Thisbe (Core Cast) Dir. Flora Drybrough
2014 Sticks and Stones Karen (Core Cast) Dir. Erica Newlands
2013 Death By Chocolate Dick Simmering (Core Cast) Dreams Drama School, dir. Alicia Kindell

Short Film

Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2020 Glass Houses Ava Thick as Thieves, dir. Fleix Vanouis Short Film
2019 Next Tuesday Mads Dir. Isabella Walsh Short Film
2018 Lycan Emily (Lead) Dir. Mason Cade Packer Short Film
2017 Creature Emily (Lead) NZFS, dir. Madison Forward Short Film
2016 Reverie Victim #1 (Core Cast) Two Pumps Ltd, dir. Kenneth Chapman Short Film
2015 Pound Laura "Lou" Jackson (Lead) NZFS, dir. Brooklyn Dineen Short Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2020 No One Like You, Tane Williams' Music Video Female Lead Independent, dir. Daniel Nisbet
2019 ‘Sunday Morning’ Mitch James Muisic Video Girl (Lead) Sony Music


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2017 V Pure: Australia Hero Body Double Finch


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2018 Into The Dead 2: Night of the Living Dead Alice PikPok


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2020 Equity Casting Hothouse Matt Skrobalak
2020 Australian Accent Alexandra Whitam
2020 Howard Fine Zoom Class Howard FIne
2020 Identifying Tone Julian Curtis
2019 Intimacy Workshop Jennifer Ward-Leeland
2019 Advanced Acting for Screen Liz Mullane & Rachel Bullock
2018 The Actors Workout Jamie Irvine
2018 Four Elements Weekend Workshop Sylvia Rands
2018 One-On-One Voice Coaching Sylvia Rands
2018 American Accent Study Group Chris Stewart
2018 Making Friends with Publicity Chris Henry
2017 - 2018 Ongoing Acting Classes Kacie Stetson
2017 Acting For Film And Television Rachel Bullock & Cohen Holloway
2016 American Accent Training Jade Valour


Advanced: American - Californian | American - General | Australian | British | New Zealand | UK - English

Intermediate: American - New York | American - Southern | French | Irish | Maori | UK - Scottish


Intermediate: Badminton | Cycling | Hula Hoop | Jump Rope | Running / Jogging | Swimming | Tennis | Yoga

Circus & Horse

Advanced: Bareback Horse Riding | Horse Riding | Show Jumping | Side Saddle

Driving & Flying

Advanced: Driving (general) | Stick Shift

Singing Styles

Intermediate: General