Moana Ete

Moana Ete

Māori, Samoan
Age Range
31 - 39
170cm / 5ft 7in
107cm / 42in
86cm / 34in
112cm / 44in
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Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2022 Avatar 2: They Way Of Water Med Tech Dir. James Cameron Feature Film
2016 One Thousand Ropes Iuni Blueskin Films / 1000 Ropes Ltd Feature Film
2016 The Green Vessel Raureka Dir. Etienne De France Feature Film


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2024 Not Even S2 Pania Miss Conception Films Drama
2016 Find me a Maori Bride S2 Cassie - Major Guest BSAG Productions, dir. Kiel McNaughton Drama


Year Production Role Company / Director
2020 Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil Wanda NZ Festival of the Arts, dir. Lyndsey Turner
2016 Devised: The Black Dog Actor Putahi Festival Collective
2016 Versions of Allah Multiple Ohokomo, dir. Rose Kirkup
2015 Black Out Eva Tatau Productions, dir. Ian Lesa
2015 All Our Sons Mrs Campbell Taki Rua, dir. Nathaniel Lees
2014 The Beautiful Ones Hana Tawata, dir. Hone Kouka
2014 Ships Va'a Backyard Theatre
2012 Duffy and the Best Book in the World Buffy and Multiple Characters Dir. Kerryn Palmer
2012 The Prospect Ugg Tawata Productions, dir. Tammy Davis
2012 Hansel and Gretel Toad Kapitall Kidz Theatre, dir. Rodney Bain
2012 Cinderella Contestant Kapitall Kidz Theatre
2011 Gareth Far's Kia Ora Khalid Serena Capital E Theatre, dir. Sara Brophie
2010 The Pohutukawa Tree Aroha Mataira Dir. Rachel House
2009 A Midsummer Nights Dream Titania Dir. Jossette Bushell-Mingo

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2012 From The Bottom Lia Dir. Peme Pemerika Short Film
2010 Telling Mali Awhina Dir. Mike Smith Short Film


Year Production Role Company / Director
2015 Prime Minister's Education Excellence Awards Narration
2010 Jessie James and the Outlaws "You don't own me" Woman - Music Video Dir. Vibol Moeung


Year Production Role Company / Director
2020 BNZ 'The Greatest Gift' Kiri (Daughter) The Sweet Shop
2016 NZTA/ACC Hero Teen Girl DNation


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2010 Bachelor of Performing Arts in Acting Te Kura Toi Whakaari - NZ Drama School


Advanced: Netball

Intermediate: Basketball | Jump Rope | Mountain Biking | Pilates | Running / Jogging | Volleyball | Yoga