Shane Warren Jones

Shane Warren Jones

Age Range
32 - 41
African American
177cm / 5ft 10in
103cm / 41in
80cm / 31in
76cm / 30in

International Representation

Pastorini-Bosby Talant USA - (US Agent)
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Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2016 Dirty Supporting B.A.D Films Production, dir. Daniel Ringey Feature Film
2014 Fight To the Finish Lead Lionsgate Pictures Feature Film
2013 Screwed Supporting Punching Bees Production, dir. John Wynn Feature Film
2008 Run! Lead Mike Lalaian Feature Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2016 Clandestine (Pilot) Guest Epic Rival Production, dir. Drama
2013 BK Comedy Series Guest Bottle Blonds Productions Drama
2012 Fringe Guest Fox / Bad Robot, dir. Jeff Hunt Drama
2011 The Mortal Kombat: Legacy Guest Warner Brothers, dir. Kevin Tancharoen Drama
2011 Nowhere Land Exhibit Guest Dir. Brett Weiner Drama
2010 All My Children Guest ABC/Disney Drama
2010 Deadliest Warrior Guest Spike TV Drama
Attack of the Show Guest G4TV/Comcast Drama


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2019 Freeda Peoples Decon Lewis The Ensemble Theatre
2017 Eighth Day of the Week Benjamin Jr. The Ensemble Theatre
2010 Private Pvt. Poole Ventura Court Theatre
2009 Rent Benny Ventura Court Theatre
2005 Women of Manhattan Duke Ventura Court Theatre
2004 Blueness/Grayness Jerry/ Mr. Reest Company on Stage Theatre
2003 As You Like It Charles/Sir Oliver Martex Baylor University Theatre
2003 The Wild Party Eddie Baylor University Theatre
2003 Medea Jason Baylor University Theatre
2002 The Violet Hour Pace Baylor University Theatre
2002 Take Me Out Daron Baylor University Theatre
2002 Raisin in the Sun Asagai Baylor University Theatre
2001 The Orphan Train Lucky Oklahoma City University Theatre
2000 Guys And Dolls Benny South Street The Underground Annex
2000 You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Snoopy The Underground Annex

Short Film

Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2015 Call To Heroes Supporting POW Entertainment, dir. John Wynn Short Film
2011 Brotherhood Lead Dir. Victor Solis Short Film
2008 Dojo Drama I Supporting 10 West Production, dir. David Hoofnagle Short Film
2008 Dojo Drama II Supporting Evil Robot Inc, dir. David Hoofnagle Short Film


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2013 2016 Private Coaching Robin Brown
2007 2016 On Camera & Scene Study Alice Carter, Alice's Studio for Actors
2007 2008 Scene Study Cameron Thor, Carter/Thor Studios
2006 2007 Scene Study Daryl Carroll, Ivana Chubbuck Studios


Advanced: American - General | American - Southern | British | Pacific Islander | UK - English


Advanced: Martial Arts


Advanced: General Movement | Hip Hop