Sia Trokenheim

Sia Trokenheim

Age Range
38 - 48
Home Record
Sia Trokenheim photo 1

Voice Styles

Accents | Character | Comedic | Commercial | Languages | Narration | Warm


Sia Trokenheim is a wonderfully talented actor with an extremely unique vocal background and sound. Born in Sweden, English is not Sia's first language. Her life experience had lead her all over the world and as a result, her fantastic ear has picked up the sounds of the various languages she speaks which results in a unique sound from which the origin is hard to place. Very intelligent, Sia is a fast study and connects extremely quickly with the intended message and has a wonderful bag of vocal tools and styles to draw on and deliver in the best way possible. Sia is fluent in several languages and creates fantastically layered animation characters with very accurate and specific accents.