Sonia Yee

Sonia Yee

Age Range
42 - 54
154cm / 5ft 1in
83cm / 33in
70cm / 28in
88cm / 35in
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An alumni of Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School, Sonia Yee’s voice and her ability to bring warmth, nuance and texture to the world of audio has seen her carve out a successful career in radio. She has spent more than a decade as a producer and presenter in radio documentary features and podcasts across a range of topics and genres. These include science, history, entertainment, the arts, lifestyle and business.

Her work and presence in the audio world have seen her win multiple accolades and recognition from the get-go, including ‘Best New Broadcaster’ at the RBA NZ Radio Awards.

She also has a string of local and international awards to her name including winning a prestigious ‘Gold Trophy’ at ‘The New York Festival Radio Awards’ for producing and presenting ‘Beyond Kate’ - a documentary podcast series exploring 125 years of women’s suffrage in New Zealand.

Her work for RNZ’s Eyewitness podcast was recognised with Gold for Best History Podcast in December 2022 at the NZ Podcast Awards where Sonia brought light and shade - and a quirky dose of humour to her presentation of the history series. 

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Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2022 Avatar: The Way of the Water Tech dir: James Cameron Feature Film
2007 Avatar Callibrating Tech (Bio Lab)- Featured Extra dir: James Cameron Feature Film
2005 Aidiko Insane Aidiko's sister dir: Sonny Arahanga Feature Film


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2020 Wellington Paranormal Duty Officer Drama
2007 Investigator Kayo Matsuzawa Red Sky Productions, dir. Bryan Bruce Drama


Year Production Role Company / Director
2011 Sketch, written by Kate Anne Morris Mami Sasaki Dir. Eleanor Bishop
2011 Rona and Rabbit on the Moon Rabbit Dir. Tina Cook
2007 Gold Mountain Story Lead Role Silkworm Productions
2007 Ugly Customers Janice Clarke Centre Point Theatre Palmerston North, dir. Simon Ferry
2006 Double Happy Chinese Goldminer (Historical character) Dir. Christine Chan-Hyams
2006 The Wholly Grain 12 characters Dir. Penni Bousfield
2006 Motor Town Jade (lead) Dir. Jean Betts
2005 Hate Crimes by Paul Rothwell Elliot Dir. David Lawrence
2004 XChange Sarah Dir. Kerryn Palmer
2004 Monkey Pepe Song, Monkey International Festival of the Arts
2003 Monkey King Pepe Song/Monkey workshop; "show n' tell' International Festival of the Arts, dir. Peter Wilson
2003 Playreading Aotearoa playwrights conference
2003 " Two Fish n' a Scoop", Rhea/Rhea's father Nixon
2003 The Wholly Grain Paupau, Princess, Servant, Jocelyn Bats Theatre, dir. Nina Nawalowalo
2003 Senjinkun Adachi Dir. James Sutherland
2003 Legend of Old Bawdy Town Granny Tea/Lotus/Madam Fan Yellow Earth Playreading at Soho Theatre London dir. David Tse
2001 Orpheus Descending Dorothea NZDS, dir. Miranda Harcourt
2001 Sunset Cafe Diana Dir. Tom McCrory
2000 A Dolls House Mrs Linde NZDS, dir. Jude Gibson
2000 Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice NZDS, dir. Simone Lourie

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2002 Spring Flames Susan Wu Dir. Aileen O' Sullivan Short Film


Year Production Role Company / Director
2022 Across the Board Presenter/Voice NZ Herald Podcast
2020-2021 Eyewitness Presenter/Voice RNZ / History Podcast
2020 Only Human Presenter/Voice RNZ Podcast
2018 Beyond Kate Presenter/Voice RNZ Documentary Podcast
2016-2019 My heels are killing me Presenter/Voice RNZ Fashion Podcast Series


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2007 Audition Technique Workshop Rachel Bullock Casting
2002 BA Performing Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School
1995 Diploma in Performing Arts Hagley Theatre Company
1994 Certificate in Performing Arts Hagley Community College


Advanced: Asian | British | Cantonese | Chinese | Japanese | New Zealand

Intermediate: American - Californian | American - Urban | UK - Cockney | UK - English


Advanced: Karate | Martial Arts

Intermediate: Gym | Jump Rope | Kick Boxing | Netball | Running / Jogging | Swimming

Singing Range



Intermediate: Aerobics | General Movement