Tabatha Killick

Tabatha Killick

Age Range
21 - 31
162cm / 5ft 4in
93cm / 37in
77cm / 30in
100cm / 39in
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Tabatha, an Australian-born actor currently based in New Zealand, successfully completed her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Acting in 2022 from Toi Whakaari, the leading drama school in New Zealand. This prestigious institution provided her with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in her craft. With her training, Tabatha is determined to make a lasting impact in the industry. She has already demonstrated her talent and versatility through various platforms, including theatre, webseries and shortfilms.  

Tabatha’s most recent work, playing the lead role of Savannah in Gatecrash directed by Paloma Schneidman, has earned her a nomination in the shortfilm category at NZIFF. 

Web Series

Year Production Role Company / Director
2022 Dark Sands Hanna - Lead Oliver Tripp & George Mennell


Year Production Role Company / Director
2022-2023 Pinocchio! The Pantomime Circa Theatre, dir: Gavin Rutherford
2022 Two Broke Girls & A Fetus Writer, Director, Actor Toi FWD Festival, dir: Nisha Jolliffe & Tabatha Hillick
2022 NZ Sports Awards Dancer dir: Tupe Lualua & Andy Faiaoga - Le Moana
2022 RUCKUS Managing Assistant & Poetry Performer Barbarian Productions
2022 BODGIE Frankie & Various Toi Whakaari Double Bill, dir: Moana Ete & Anya Tate-Manning
2022 Portrait of a Lady Spirit/Vocal Diviser Physical Theatre & Movement
2021 Costume Showcase Le Juene Arlequin Solo Pysical Theatre
2021 Songs of Protest Te Whiti & various roles Toi Whakarri, dir:Tupe Lualua & Mitch Tawhi-Thomas
2021 Ciggie Butts in the Sand Dancer (Core Ensemble) dir: Le Moana & Tupua Tigafua
2021 Dreams for Life Lux - Lead Co Divising with Joe Folau
2020 Solo Show Banana Lady Toi Whakaari, Anya Tate Manning
2020 Blood Wedding Servant Dir: Heather Timms & Erina Daniels
2019 Mantra Vocalist Dir: Fleur de Their & Simon van der Sluijs
2019 The Feather in the Web Kimberly - Lead Hagley Theatre Company, dir: Cameron Mattox
2019 Very Still & Hard to See Obake - Lead Hagley Theatre Company, dir: Cameron Mattox
2016 Rocky Horror Picture Show Magenta & Shadow Cast Moonshoes Productions (Australia)
2015 Oliver! Nancy - Lead Ringwood Secondary College (Australia)
2015 I Put a Spell on You Principal Vocalist - Lead Victoran State School Spectacular (Australia)
2014 Stairway to Heaven Principal Vocalist - Lead Victoria State School Spectacular (Australia)
2014 The Producers Chorus Ringwood Secondary College (Australia)
2013 Hairspray Motormouth Maybelle - Lead Ringwood Secondary College (Australia)

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2023 Big Thumb Waiter Jane Campion Productions, dir: Paloma Schneidman Short Film
2023 SUKUT Margaret Massey University, dir: Jonathan King Short Film
2023 NOKIA LOW Jasmine Massey University, dir: Oberon Romond Student Film
2023 Away With the Fairies Nymph Massey University, dir: Leo Hay-Chapman Student Film
2023 The Institute Kim Jonathan King and Mathew Knight Short Film
2022 Gate Crash Savannah Toi Whakaari, dir: Paloma Schneidman Short Film
2021 I'm Thinking of Ending Things Young Woman Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School Student Film
2021 Mise En Scen (Room 237) Lonely Woman Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School Student Film
2020 Silver Noodle Soup Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School Short Film


Year Production Role Company / Director
2021 Mise En Scen (Room 237) Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2020-2022 Bachelor of Performing Arts Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School
2022 Intimacy Coordination Workshop Miriama Mcdowell
2022 Self Tape Workshop Emma Draper & Vaughan Slinn
2021 Physical Body Ross McCormack
2021 Capoeira and Juijitsu CAPiTAL Brazilian Jujitsu
2021 Audition Workshops Emma Draper & Vaughan Slinn
2021 General American Accent Mary McDonald
2021 Surrealism & Arts as Healing Exploration Research & Performance Centre
2021 Inano Dance Ura, Cook Island Dance Group (Wellington)
2020 Actor in Action Heather Timms
2020 Actors & Instinct Britta McVeigh
2020 Actor & Imagination Bert Van Dyke
2019 Hagley Theatre Company Cameron Mattox
2016 Belly Dace Naval Gazers, Melbourne (Australia)
2014-2015 Dance Year 12 Ringwood Secondary College (Australia)
2005-2014 Dance Training, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Character, Hip Hop Ringwood Ballet Centre (Australia)
2010-2015 Vocal Lessons Ringwood Secondary College (Australia)
2011-2016 Yoga Movement & Body Ringwood Yoga Centre (Australia)


Advanced: Australian | New Zealand

Intermediate: American - General | UK - Cockney


Advanced: Yoga

Intermediate: Acrobatics | Gym | Gymnastics | Jump Rope | Karate | Kayaking | Martial Arts | Running / Jogging | Swimming | Toboggan

Circus & Horse

Intermediate: Body Costume | Clown | Horse Riding

Driving & Flying

Advanced: Driving (general) | Van

Singing Range

Alto | C. Soprano | Contralto | Mezzo | Soprano

Singing Styles

Advanced: Ballad | Blues | Cabaret | Choral | Contemporary | Country and Western | Folk | General | Jazz | Lip Sync | Musical | Popular | Rock

Intermediate: Opera


Advanced: Choreography | General Movement | Jazz | Old Time

Intermediate: Ballet | Ballroom | Belly | Cabaret | Disco | Hip Hop | Latin | Māori