Thomas Pohio

Thomas Pohio

Tom, a young actor from New Zealand, has been performing on stage since his early years. He finds great joy in this hobby, embracing the vibrant and diverse community it offers. Tom excels in emotionally charged roles and is adaptable to a variety of characters.

Māori, NZ European
Age Range
18 - 26
195cm / 6ft 5in
90cm / 35in
82cm / 32in
100cm / 39in

Iwi: Ngati Kahungunu and Nagi Tahu

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Tom's passion for the performing arts began in primary school when he took part in school plays, igniting his love for creativity. He went on to join bigger theatre groups like H@BYT, touring Australia and New Zealand, performing in front of both big and intimate audiences.

After graduating from high school, Tom pursued his dream and is now studying Film, Media, and Theatre at Victoria University, making his passion for the arts his career path.


Year Production Role Company / Director
2017 The Importance of Being Earnest Earnest Havelock North High School, dir: Matt Brebner
2016 12 Angry Men #8 Havelock North High School, dir: Matt Brebner
2016 The Crucible John Proctor Havelock North High School, dir: Matt Brebner
2016 Over The Top Pura H@BYT, dir: Peter Cottrell
2015 Tahi Ao The Nomad H@BYT, dir: Daniel Betty & Peter Cottrell


Year Production Role Company / Director
2021 Ministry of Health: Measles Campaign Friend Ministry of Health


Year Description Institution / Presenter
Speech Level 1 - 8
2017 Screen Acting - Improv and On Screen Acting NYDS
2014-2015 Screen Acting Intensive Course - Acting, Voiceover & Combat Miranda Harcourt


Intermediate: American - Californian | American - General | American - Midwest | American - New York | American - Southern | American - Urban | American - Western | Australian | British | Māori | Neutral | New Zealand | Samoan | Standard US


Advanced: Snorkeling | Swimming

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Circus & Horse

Intermediate: Animal Handler | Clown | Stage Combat

Driving & Flying

Advanced: Driving (general)

Intermediate: Dune Buggy