Zanlé Louw

Zanlé Louw

African, European, French, German
Age Range
22 - 32
163cm / 5ft 4in
85cm / 33in
71cm / 28in
90cm / 35in
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Zanlé Louw is a French- South African and New Zealand Actor who first started her performance career in dance from as early as 3 years old. She competed internationally representing South Africa in Acrobatics until the age of 11, when she moved to New Zealand. At 16 she began acting in Theatre, touring New Zealand while performing the heart breaking story “Hikoi Roa” playing the lead of “Alice”. She then moved into film, acting in Power Rangers Dino Charge, New Legends of the Monkey Season 2 and the soon to be released Miles from Nowhere.

She has recently starred in a short film called "The Landvaettir" which has already gained recognition at the Milan and Amsterdam Short Film Festivals. 

Zanlé takes pride in her work and believes there is always more to learn in Acting.


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2023 Miles from Nowhere Alex The Gibson Group Drama
2019 New Legends of the Monkey S2 Village Girl Netflix Drama


Year Production Role Company / Director
2014 Hikoi Roa Alice - Lead

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2023 Wake up.... Charlotte Haavik Films, dir: Steffen Haavik Taylor Short Film
2023 Landvaettir Ida dir: Liam Van Den Berk Short Film
Short Film


Year Production Role Company / Director
2023 Arrow to the Knee Ida Kiki Rockwell Music, dir: Oshara Ardelean


Year Production Role Company / Director
2021 Tend Healthcare Girl needing Birthcare
2021 Now Supie Stock Model
2014 Spark NZ Teen Girl


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2023 Voice Retreat Charlotte West, Julia Both & Jon Hunter
2023 Casting Hothouse - USA Casting Direction NZ Equity - Jami Rudofsky & Christy Faison Casting USA
2023 The Working Actor Workshop Laura Interval and Latham Gaines
2023 Advanced Screen Workshop Liz Mullane & Rachel Bullock
2023 Horse Riding for Film & Stunt Equine Films NZ
2020-2023 The Working Actor - Ongoing Classes Kacie Stetson Studios
2022 Neutral Standard English Accent Equity NZ - Mark Wong
2022 Auckland Table Reads Karen Green
2021 Know Your Rights NZWG & Equity NZ
2019 Australian Accent Training Alexandra Whitham
2018 Intimacy Co-ordination Workshop Equity NZ - Jennifer Ward Lealand & Ita O'brien
2018 Acting on Screen & Auditions Andrea Kelland & Vicky Yiannoutsos
2019 Auditions & Jeremiah Comey Technique Vicky Yiannoutsos
2016 American Accent & Auditions Terri De'Ath


Intermediate: South African


Advanced: American - Californian | American - General | Australian | New Zealand | South African


Advanced: Acrobatics | Cheerleading | Fishing | Golf | Pilates | Yoga

Intermediate: Archery | Boating | Jet Ski | Rock Climbing | Snorkeling | Snow Board | Soccer | Swimming | Trampoline

Circus & Horse

Intermediate: Acrobatics | Balancer

Driving & Flying

Advanced: Driving (general)


Intermediate: Ballet | Ballroom | Calisthenics | Jazz