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  • Modern Māori Quartet

    Modern Māori Quartet

  • Madeleine Adams

    Madeleine Adams

  • Pinky Agnew

    Pinky Agnew

  • Heto Ah Hi

    Heto Ah Hi

  • Lance Ainofo

    Lance Ainofo

  • Omar Al-Sobky

    Omar Al-Sobky

  • Aaron Alexander

    Aaron Alexander

  • Chris (Marco) Alosio

    Chris (Marco) Alosio

  • Neil Amituanai

    Neil Amituanai

  • Andy Anderson

    Andy Anderson

  • Vincent Andrew-Scammell

    Vincent Andrew-Scammell

  • Simon Arblaster

    Simon Arblaster

  • Awhina-Rose Ashby

    Awhina-Rose Ashby

  • Christina Asher

    Christina Asher

  • Samuel Austin

    Samuel Austin

  • John Bach

    John Bach

  • Anna Baird

    Anna Baird

  • Paul Ballard

    Paul Ballard

  • Dallas Barnett

    Dallas Barnett

  • Paul Barrett

    Paul Barrett

  • Shane Bartle

    Shane Bartle

  • Gillian Baxter

    Gillian Baxter

  • Vivien Bell

    Vivien Bell

  • Rowan Bettjeman

    Rowan Bettjeman

  • Nick Blake

    Nick Blake

  • Rachael Blampied

    Rachael Blampied

  • Charlie Bleakley

    Charlie Bleakley

  • Rachel Bock

    Rachel Bock

  • Bronwyn Bradley

    Bronwyn Bradley

  • Susan Brady

    Susan Brady

  • Britta Brandt

    Britta Brandt

  • Jo Briant

    Jo Briant

  • Adam Brookfield

    Adam Brookfield

  • Doug Brooks

    Doug Brooks

  • Jed Brophy

    Jed Brophy

  • Sadwyn Brophy

    Sadwyn Brophy

  • Cameron Brown

    Cameron Brown

  • Stephen Brunton

    Stephen Brunton

  • Luciane Buchanan

    Luciane Buchanan

  • Rama  Buisson

    Rama Buisson

  • Janine  Burchett

    Janine Burchett

  • Christie  Burke

    Christie Burke

  • Karl Burnett

    Karl Burnett

  • Stephen Butterworth

    Stephen Butterworth

  • John Callen

    John Callen

  • Laughlan Campion

    Laughlan Campion

  • Mark Cassidy

    Mark Cassidy

  • John Chalmers

    John Chalmers

  • Samson Chan-Boon

    Samson Chan-Boon

  • Richard Chapman

    Richard Chapman

  • Adele Chapman

    Adele Chapman

  • Christel Chapman

    Christel Chapman

  • Jocelyn Christian

    Jocelyn Christian

  • Chantal Claret

    Chantal Claret

  • Josh  Clarke

    Josh Clarke

  • Edward Clendon

    Edward Clendon

  • Rachel Clentworth

    Rachel Clentworth

  • Logan Cole

    Logan Cole

  • Byron Coll

    Byron Coll

  • Nigel Collins

    Nigel Collins

  • Phoenix Connolly

    Phoenix Connolly

  • Alice May Connolly

    Alice May Connolly

  • Ana Corbett

    Ana Corbett

  • Charlie  Corrigan

    Charlie Corrigan

  • Aaron Cortesi

    Aaron Cortesi

  • Johanna Cosgrove

    Johanna Cosgrove

  • James Digby  Crompton

    James Digby Crompton

  • Steve Cronin

    Steve Cronin

  • Elizabeth  Crummett

    Elizabeth Crummett

  • Molly  Curnow

    Molly Curnow

  • Isabelle  Cushman

    Isabelle Cushman

  • Abby Damen

    Abby Damen

  • Jade Daniels

    Jade Daniels

  • Barry de Lore

    Barry de Lore

  • Saraid de Silva

    Saraid de Silva

  • Geoffrey  Dolan

    Geoffrey Dolan

  • Jacob Dombroski

    Jacob Dombroski

  • Lee Donoghue

    Lee Donoghue

  • Claire Dougan

    Claire Dougan

  • Emma Draper

    Emma Draper

  • Jacque  Drew

    Jacque Drew

  • Tim Earl

    Tim Earl

  • Elisabeth Easther

    Elisabeth Easther

  • Andrew Eddey

    Andrew Eddey

  • Akina Edmonds

    Akina Edmonds

  • Frank Edwards

    Frank Edwards

  • Lucy Edwards

    Lucy Edwards

  • Courtney Eggleton

    Courtney Eggleton

  • Taungaroa Emile

    Taungaroa Emile

  • Moana Ete

    Moana Ete

  • Eteuati Ete

    Eteuati Ete

  • Duane Evans Jnr

    Duane Evans Jnr

  • Robbie Evison

    Robbie Evison

  • Jason Faáfoi

    Jason Faáfoi

  • Michael Falesiu

    Michael Falesiu

  • David Fane

    David Fane

  • Mile Fane

    Mile Fane

  • Harry Fane

    Harry Fane

  • Richard Felix

    Richard Felix

  • Emma Fenton

    Emma Fenton

  • Aria Ferris

    Aria Ferris

  • Simon Ferry

    Simon Ferry

  • Ashlee Fidow

    Ashlee Fidow

  • Freya Finch

    Freya Finch

  • Sinead Fitzgerald

    Sinead Fitzgerald

  • Jennifer Freed

    Jennifer Freed

  • Latham Gaines

    Latham Gaines

  • Verity George

    Verity George

  • Yael Gezentsvey

    Yael Gezentsvey

  • Rebecca  Gibney

    Rebecca Gibney

  • Stephen Gledhill

    Stephen Gledhill

  • Andrew  Gourdie

    Andrew Gourdie

  • Thomas Gowing

    Thomas Gowing

  • Travis Graham

    Travis Graham

  • Karishma Grebneff

    Karishma Grebneff

  • Ilaisaane Green

    Ilaisaane Green

  • Stephen Grey

    Stephen Grey

  • Phil Grieve

    Phil Grieve

  • Hanna Griffiths

    Hanna Griffiths

  • Richie Grzyb

    Richie Grzyb

  • Jason Gunn

    Jason Gunn

  • Mark Hadlow

    Mark Hadlow

  • Olivia Hadlow

    Olivia Hadlow

  • Hetty Hahn

    Hetty Hahn

  • Lutz Hamm

    Lutz Hamm

  • Ruby Hansen

    Ruby Hansen

  • Kate Harcourt

    Kate Harcourt

  • Paul Harrop

    Paul Harrop

  • Luke Hawker

    Luke Hawker

  • Elizabeth Hawthorne

    Elizabeth Hawthorne

  • Samuel Haynes

    Samuel Haynes

  • Tanea Heke

    Tanea Heke

  • Allan Henry

    Allan Henry

  • Otis Herring

    Otis Herring

  • Jared Hill

    Jared Hill

  • Jodie Hillock

    Jodie Hillock

  • Michael  Hockey

    Michael Hockey

  • Solomon Holder

    Solomon Holder

  • Jason Hood

    Jason Hood

  • Adrian Hooke

    Adrian Hooke

  • Ella Hope-Higginson

    Ella Hope-Higginson

  • Frith Horan

    Frith Horan

  • Waimihi Hotere

    Waimihi Hotere

  • Laura Interval

    Laura Interval

  • Reef  Ireland

    Reef Ireland

  • Jamie Irvine

    Jamie Irvine

  • Stanley Andrew Jackson III

    Stanley Andrew Jackson III

  • Miryam Jacobi

    Miryam Jacobi

  • Jonathan  James

    Jonathan James

  • Kate JasonSmith

    Kate JasonSmith

  • Sam Jellie

    Sam Jellie

  • Emma Jenkins-Purro

    Emma Jenkins-Purro

  • James Jennings

    James Jennings

  • Sabby Jey

    Sabby Jey

  • Rawiri Jobe

    Rawiri Jobe

  • Jacqueline Joe

    Jacqueline Joe

  • Ralph Johnson

    Ralph Johnson

  • Connor Johnston

    Connor Johnston

  • Zechariah  Julius-Donnelly

    Zechariah Julius-Donnelly

  • Anna  Jullienne

    Anna Jullienne

  • Emily Keddell

    Emily Keddell

  • Tash Keddy

    Tash Keddy

  • Camille Keenan

    Camille Keenan

  • Andrea Kelland

    Andrea Kelland

  • Eli Kent

    Eli Kent

  • Jono Kenyon

    Jono Kenyon

  • Grant Kereama

    Grant Kereama

  • Tom Kereama

    Tom Kereama

  • Kevin Keys

    Kevin Keys

  • Jeff Kingsford-Brown

    Jeff Kingsford-Brown

  • Jay Kiriona

    Jay Kiriona

  • Richard Knowles

    Richard Knowles

  • Madeleine Knowles

    Madeleine Knowles

  • Fran Kora

    Fran Kora

  • James Kupa

    James Kupa

  • Acushla-Tara Kupe

    Acushla-Tara Kupe

  • Emily Laurich

    Emily Laurich

  • Melissa Lawlor

    Melissa Lawlor

  • Jessie Lawrence

    Jessie Lawrence

  • Stacey Leilua

    Stacey Leilua

  • Emma  Leonard

    Emma Leonard

  • Moana  Leota

    Moana Leota

  • Paul Lewis

    Paul Lewis

  • Cassie  Lewis

    Cassie Lewis

  • Courtenay Louise

    Courtenay Louise

  • Richie Lovelock

    Richie Lovelock

  • Matthias Luafutu

    Matthias Luafutu

  • Charles Lum

    Charles Lum

  • Hannah Lynch

    Hannah Lynch

  • Lara Macgregor

    Lara Macgregor

  • Leo Maggs

    Leo Maggs

  • Monica Mahendru

    Monica Mahendru

  • Vela Manusaute

    Vela Manusaute

  • Tawanda Manyimo

    Tawanda Manyimo

  • James Richard Marshall

    James Richard Marshall

  • Sally Martin

    Sally Martin

  • Jennifer Martin

    Jennifer Martin

  • Danielle Mason

    Danielle Mason

  • Jacob Masters

    Jacob Masters

  • James  Matamua

    James Matamua

  • Albert Mateni

    Albert Mateni

  • Rhys Mathewson

    Rhys Mathewson

  • Liliya May

    Liliya May

  • Wiremu  McCarthy

    Wiremu McCarthy

  • Jamie McCaskill

    Jamie McCaskill

  • Becky McEwan

    Becky McEwan

  • Kate McGill

    Kate McGill

  • Carmel McGlone

    Carmel McGlone

  • Aaron McGregor

    Aaron McGregor

  • Sarah McILwraith

    Sarah McILwraith

  • Dra McKay

    Dra McKay

  • William  McKegg

    William McKegg

  • Ross McKellar

    Ross McKellar

  • Phoebe McKellar

    Phoebe McKellar

  • Thomasin McKenzie

    Thomasin McKenzie

  • Davida McKenzie

    Davida McKenzie

  • Peter McKenzie

    Peter McKenzie

  • Emily McKenzie

    Emily McKenzie

  • Carrie McLaughlin

    Carrie McLaughlin

  • Paul McLaughlin

    Paul McLaughlin

  • Sarah McLeod

    Sarah McLeod

  • Shadon Meredith

    Shadon Meredith

  • Whare Mihinui

    Whare Mihinui

  • Suli Moa

    Suli Moa

  • Jonny Moffatt

    Jonny Moffatt

  • Will Moffatt

    Will Moffatt

  • Fiona Mogridge

    Fiona Mogridge

  • Roxie Mohebbi

    Roxie Mohebbi

  • Nathalie Morris

    Nathalie Morris

  • Helen Moulder

    Helen Moulder

  • Francis Mountjoy

    Francis Mountjoy

  • Pete Muller

    Pete Muller

  • Dan Musgrove

    Dan Musgrove

  • Kalyani Nagarajan

    Kalyani Nagarajan

  • Kiri Naik

    Kiri Naik

  • Muhammad Nasir

    Muhammad Nasir

  • Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne

    Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne

  • Robbie Nicol

    Robbie Nicol

  • Acacia O'Connor

    Acacia O'Connor

  • Olivia O'Driscoll

    Olivia O'Driscoll

  • Ryan O'Kane

    Ryan O'Kane

  • Aidan O'Malley

    Aidan O'Malley

  • Zac O'Meagher

    Zac O'Meagher

  • Dominic Ona-Ariki

    Dominic Ona-Ariki

  • Ariaana Osborne

    Ariaana Osborne

  • Gabriel Page

    Gabriel Page

  • Anthony Ray Parker

    Anthony Ray Parker

  • Lorae Parry

    Lorae Parry

  • Luke  Patrick

    Luke Patrick

  • Phil Peleton

    Phil Peleton

  • Julia Pereira

    Julia Pereira

  • Bree Peters

    Bree Peters

  • Bruce Phillips

    Bruce Phillips

  • Maaka Pohatu

    Maaka Pohatu

  • Anapela Polataivao

    Anapela Polataivao

  • Lily Powell

    Lily Powell

  • Jack Powers

    Jack Powers

  • Antonia Prebble

    Antonia Prebble

  • Harriet Prebble

    Harriet Prebble

  • Georgia Pringle

    Georgia Pringle

  • Jess Quilter

    Jess Quilter

  • Stephanie Ramlose

    Stephanie Ramlose

  • Josh Randall

    Josh Randall

  • Shane Rangi

    Shane Rangi

  • Peter Reckell

    Peter Reckell

  • Amelia Reid-Meredith

    Amelia Reid-Meredith

  • Billy Revell

    Billy Revell

  • Larry Rew

    Larry Rew

  • Amelia Reynolds

    Amelia Reynolds

  • Aaron Richardson

    Aaron Richardson

  • Grant Roa

    Grant Roa

  • Jules Robertson

    Jules Robertson

  • Stella Robins

    Stella Robins

  • Emma Robinson

    Emma Robinson

  • Tineke Robson

    Tineke Robson

  • Ilona Rodgers

    Ilona Rodgers

  • Taylor Rogers

    Taylor Rogers

  • Fergus  Ross

    Fergus Ross

  • Mikaela Ruegg

    Mikaela Ruegg

  • Lyndee-Jane Rutherford

    Lyndee-Jane Rutherford

  • Chris Ryan

    Chris Ryan

  • Nic Sampson

    Nic Sampson

  • Matthew Saville

    Matthew Saville

  • Ana Scotney

    Ana Scotney

  • Ethan Scott

    Ethan Scott

  • Angela Seol

    Angela Seol

  • Alistair Sewell

    Alistair Sewell

  • Lydia  Sewell

    Lydia Sewell

  • Ilena Shadbolt

    Ilena Shadbolt

  • Bala Murali Shingade

    Bala Murali Shingade

  • Nikki Si'ulepa

    Nikki Si'ulepa

  • Leiataua Afega Si'ulepa

    Leiataua Afega Si'ulepa

  • Pamela Sidhu

    Pamela Sidhu

  • Jay Simon

    Jay Simon

  • Bryony Skillington

    Bryony Skillington

  • Peter Sledmere

    Peter Sledmere

  • Vaughan Slinn

    Vaughan Slinn

  • Sam Snedden

    Sam Snedden

  • Mark Sole

    Mark Sole

  • Aleksandr  Staprans

    Aleksandr Staprans

  • Esther Stephens

    Esther Stephens

  • Sara Stone

    Sara Stone

  • Nivi Summer

    Nivi Summer

  • Ahrin Swift-Mayor

    Ahrin Swift-Mayor

  • Meg Sydenham

    Meg Sydenham

  • Jeff Szusterman

    Jeff Szusterman

  • Tian Tan

    Tian Tan

  • Josh Tan

    Josh Tan

  • Xana Tang

    Xana Tang

  • Kruze Tangira

    Kruze Tangira

  • Rangimoana Taylor

    Rangimoana Taylor

  • Loren Taylor

    Loren Taylor

  • Richard Te Are

    Richard Te Are

  • Baz Te Hira

    Baz Te Hira

  • Saman Tehrani

    Saman Tehrani

  • Ripeka Templeton

    Ripeka Templeton

  • Anna Thomas

    Anna Thomas

  • Laura Thompson

    Laura Thompson

  • Vere Tindale

    Vere Tindale

  • James Tito

    James Tito

  • Fay  Tofilau

    Fay Tofilau

  • Natasha Townshend

    Natasha Townshend

  • James Trevena

    James Trevena

  • Sia Trokenheim

    Sia Trokenheim

  • Lani Tupu

    Lani Tupu

  • Sonny Tupu

    Sonny Tupu

  • Lani J Tupu

    Lani J Tupu

  • Stephen Ure

    Stephen Ure

  • Amy Usherwood

    Amy Usherwood

  • Vaiari  Vaeau-Ivirangi

    Vaiari Vaeau-Ivirangi

  • Claire van Beek

    Claire van Beek

  • Jen van Epps

    Jen van Epps

  • Jazmyne van Gosliga

    Jazmyne van Gosliga

  • Myer van Gosliga

    Myer van Gosliga

  • Ria Vandervis

    Ria Vandervis

  • Phil Vaughan

    Phil Vaughan

  • Graham Vincent

    Graham Vincent

  • Shelley Waddams

    Shelley Waddams

  • Taika Waititi

    Taika Waititi

  • Claire Waldron

    Claire Waldron

  • Maria Walker

    Maria Walker

  • Simone Walker

    Simone Walker

  • Catherine Waller

    Catherine Waller

  • Vivian Wang

    Vivian Wang

  • Quentin Warren

    Quentin Warren

  • Kalisha Wasasala

    Kalisha Wasasala

  • Todd Waters

    Todd Waters

  • Daniel Watterson

    Daniel Watterson

  • Hayden Weal

    Hayden Weal

  • Dan Weekes

    Dan Weekes

  • Tara Weston-Webb

    Tara Weston-Webb

  • Matariki Whatarau

    Matariki Whatarau

  • Matt Whelan

    Matt Whelan

  • Stephanie Wilkin

    Stephanie Wilkin

  • Brogan Wilkinson

    Brogan Wilkinson

  • Alaina Wilks

    Alaina Wilks

  • Ashleigh Williams

    Ashleigh Williams

  • Kauri Williams

    Kauri Williams

  • Tane Williams-Accra

    Tane Williams-Accra

  • Scott Wills

    Scott Wills

  • Jane Wills

    Jane Wills

  • Miranda Wilson

    Miranda Wilson

  • Julian Wilson

    Julian Wilson

  • Eryn Wilson

    Eryn Wilson

  • Bridget Wong

    Bridget Wong

  • Irene Wood

    Irene Wood

  • Rachael Wotherspoon

    Rachael Wotherspoon

  • John Wraight

    John Wraight

  • Gabe Wright

    Gabe Wright

  • Elliot Wrightson

    Elliot Wrightson

  • Jason Wu

    Jason Wu

  • Augusta Xu-Holland

    Augusta Xu-Holland

  • Sonia Yee

    Sonia Yee

  • Gary Young

    Gary Young

  • Darren Young

    Darren Young

  • Lisa Zhang

    Lisa Zhang

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