Alex Tarrant joins cast of SeaChange: Reimagined

In the reboot of beloved 90s TV series

Alex Tarrant joins cast of SeaChange: Reimagined

SeaChange returned to Australian screens this month after a 19 year hiatus. Alex Tarrant plays series regular, Zac Bell, an infuriatingly optimistic court clerk. 

Seachange is a TV drama that initially premiered in 1998 and had three successful seasons before it's creators decided to end the show in 2000. It's reformation was announced in 2018.

Read the initial casting announcement here

With episodes airing weekly on on Australia's Channel Nine, the SeaChange revival is already met with raving reviews, with 1.6 million viewers tuning in to season 4's first episode. The series is currently sitting as the highest rated drama of 2019. 

Alex earned the role of Zac off a self-tape in the GCM studio and shot the series in New South Wales, Australia.

Watch Alex talk about his character here.

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