Young Rock Season 2 returns in March 2022

Stacey Leilua reprises her role as Dwayne's Mum, Ata Johnson

Young Rock Season 2 returns in March 2022

Dwayne Johnson's autobiographical series, Young Rock takes a comedic look back at his extraordinary life while running for president in 2032. Johnson explores how his outrageous experiences have shaped him into the down-to-earth, loveable superstar he is today. 

After a successful first season, the series was quickly picked up for season two and is set to premiere on March 15th. The series will pick up from the season one cliffhanger where the results of the election were announced. 

Stacey Leilua will reprise her role of Ata Johnson, a role she was nominated for Best Actress for by the Hollywood Critics Association. 

The first season is available to stream now on Neon!

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