Acacia O'Connor

Acacia O'Connor

Caucasian, Māori
Age Range
24 - 34
173cm / 5ft 8in
90cm / 35in
65cm / 26in
98cm / 39in

Iwi : Ngāti Porou 

Te Reo Level : Conversational 

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Acacia O’Connor is a vivacious and dedicated young actor who grew up as a travelling musician. Since graduating Toi Whakaari in 2017 she has worked passionately at her craft and explored her identity as an artist. 

Her film and television highlights include South Pacific Pictures ‘The Brokenwood Mysteries season 9’, ‘A Mistake’ directed by Christine Jeffs and starring American A-lister Elizabeth Banks, Great Southern Television’s horror web-series ‘The Basement’ which inspired her to write her own show ‘For Your Satisfaction’ which she has now starred in the quirky pilot of. 

Her theatre work has been fruitful and rewarding and it has been in this field she has connected deeply to her maoritanga working in plays such as ‘He Turu Mau’, for which she took on the challenge of learning the cello, Auckland Theatre Company’s ‘Mahuika!’ The biggest challenge was a full-immersion kids show ‘Te Mahi A Rahi’ which included a full-immersion te reo rehearsal room thanks to Te Pou Theatre. 


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2023 Port Lead dir: Arvid Eriksson Feature Film
2022 A Mistake Lisa Williams GFC Films, Cornerstone Films, dir: Christine Jeffs Feature Film
2021 Lovepreet Reckons Corie Parker (Lead) Mango Films, dir. Amarbir Singh Feature Film
2018 Mistress Mercy Amy The Gibson Group, dir. Mike Smith Tele-Feature Film
2017 High Tide Sam Florian Habicht Films, dir. Florian Habicht Feature Film


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2022 The Brokenwood Mysteries S9 Debbie Cusack South Pacific Pictures, dir: Mike Smith Drama

Web Series

Year Production Role Company / Director
2022 For Your Satisfaction Asta Carlyle - Lead Heartful Rogue Films, dir: Nina Reed
2019 The Basement Dana Thursdon Great Southern Television, dir. Peter Haynes


Year Production Role Company / Director
2023 Te Haerenga a Hoiho Hoiho, Narrator Te Pou Theatre, dir: Tainui Tukiwaho
2023 Hemo is Home Moerangi Te Pou Theatre, dir. Tainui Tukiwaho
2021 Lovepreet Reckons Corie Parker (Lead) Mango Films, dir. Amarbir Singh
2021 Racists Anonymous Ariel Carrington Te Pou, dir. Tainui Tukiwaho
2021 Te Mahi a Rahi Taringa, Tawhirimatea, Namu Te Pou, dir. Tainui Tukiwaho
2020 Hinewai Violinist The Hamilton Garden Fest. Dir: Whetu Silver
2019 Mahuika Koiti/Piwakawaka/Tamanui-te-ra Auckland Theatre Company, dir. Whetu Silver
2018 A Few Things I’ve Learnt About Dating And Death Solo Performer The Off-Balance Collective, dir. Richard Te Are
2018 He Turu Mau - The Chairs Hinenui Te Po - The Orator Te Rehia Theatre Company, dir. Tainui Tukiwaho
2017 The Antigone Sound Antigone Heather Timms, Penny Fitt, Anna Scotney, Comfrey Sanders
2016 Caucus Caucus Harvest Dawn Someone Once Famous (Audrey) Christian Penny, Aaron Cortesi, Jonathan Price, Patrick Carrol
2016 It Happened Accidentally Writer / Song Writer / Director / The Rough Lover Acacia O'Connor
2016 Text If You Get Lost Home-Wrecker A Slightly Isolated Dog and Long Cloud Youth Theatre/ Leo Gene Peters
2016 The Tempest Prospero Robin Payne
2015 The Mad Women I Knew Edna Holly Chappel, Aaron Cortesi

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2023 Chatterbox Sweet Friend Kokoko Creative, dir: Tainui Tukiwaho Short Film
2022 He Karu He Taringa Sarah Maoriland Films, dir: Tahuaroa Ohia Short Film
2020 The Walk Best Friend Mango Films, dir. Amarbir SIngh Short Film
2020 Thirst Wife Logan Marshall Films, dir. Logan Marshall Short Film
2017 Daniel Running Girl Candlelit Pictures/ Claire van Beek Short Film
2016 Car Trouble Gina dir. Jonathan King Short Film
2016 Magnolia (Mis En Scene) Linda Toi Whakaari, dir. Heather Timms, Vaughan Slinn Short Film
2015 Pain Killer Allison Zeal Film Academy Short Film


Year Production Role Company / Director
2022 FMG Perfect Partner Hero Wife Reel Factory, dir: Andy Morton
2021 Buro Seating Assembly Videos Demonstrator Joe Lawry


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2024 The Working Actor Workshop Laura Interval & Latham Gaines
2023 Acting Classes The Sandbox Sessions
2022 Billy O'Leary Workshop Billy O'Leary
2021 The Actors Studio Elena Stejko
2020 The Radical Actor Elena Stejko, Jon Hunter
2020 Acting for Humans Brita McVeigh
2020 Acting for Screen (Chekov) Elena Stejko
2019 Te Pou Theatre Acting for Stage & Screen Tainui Tukiwaho
2018 American Accent Course Chris Stewart
2017 Bachelor of Performing Arts (Acting) Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School
2017 Magic Master Class Justin Rodgers
2017 12 Angry Women/ Script Workshop Kathy McCrae
2017 P.E.M Workshop (Perdekamp Emotional Method) Kristina Heuer, Sarah Victoria, Stephan Perdekamp
2017 Self Taped Audition Masterclass - Taking Control McSweeney Newman Casting Australia - Dave Newman
2016 Play Workshop Massive Theatre Company
2016 Screen Workshop - Michael Chekhov Elena Stejko
2016 Musical Theatre Master Class Mark Dorrel, Jon Hunter
2016 Devising Master Class Robin Kerr
2015 Screen Workshop Miranda Harcourt
2015 Screen Workshop Brita McVeigh


Advanced: German


Intermediate: American - General | American - Southern | Australian | British | French | German | Irish | UK - Cockney | UK - English | UK - N. Ireland | UK - Scottish


Advanced: Athletics | Body Surfing | Netball | Ping Pong / Table Tennis | Roller Blading | Snow Skiing | Swimming | Yoga

Intermediate: Badminton | Gymnastics | Pilates | Snow Board | Touch Football | Trampoline

Circus & Horse

Advanced: Stilt Walking

Intermediate: Horse Riding

Driving & Flying

Intermediate: Driving (general)

Singing Range


Singing Styles

Intermediate: Cabaret | Folk

Musical Instruments

Intermediate: Recorder | Violin