GCM (Gail Cowan Management Ltd) is a professional actors' agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. GCM has a fantastic reputation within the industry, one of competence, care and dedication. The agency aims to create an authentic and collaborative environment through developing a genuine understanding of our clients. Gail has been an actor's agent since 1983, primarily servicing the market of feature films, theatre, TV dramas, corporate, voice-over work, and commercials.

At the GCM office, we have our own fully equipped studio, sound booth and full editing facilities. These allow us to record our own audition tapes and voice demos as required and at very short notice. We introduced the studio in 2013 after noticing the growing interest in New Zealand actors. It took many years of hard work and dedication but our tapes now have an international reputation for quality and great performance. Our studio has had numerous international hits, such as Matt Whelan in Narcos S2, Gary Young in Outlander S3, Duane Wichman-Evans Jnr in Avatar 2 and many more.

We have a huge focus on developing talent and can provide advice, recommendations as well as offer workshopping or practice self-tapes in our studio. We consider theatre to be an important tool in actor development, which is why we encourage our actors to be actively involved with productions and show our support by seldom taking a commission.

Having several actors as employees at GCM allows us to provide better service in all areas of the business. We can produce fast-turnaround audition tapes, with instant access to someone who can read, film, direct and edit, we can also provide workshopping and constructive feedback for developing actors or those who wish to run lines before an audition. Our employees have a greater understanding of actors abilities and can tailor pitches to suit. We’re aware of industry reservations around actors working in the agency, however, we have clear rules to ensure no conflicts of interest arise. All of our agents are positioned within the business to best work to their strengths and skill-base. We work collaboratively as a team and aim to be aware of all projects and clients.

We welcome your representation enquiries if you are a trained actor with solid experience in the film and television industry. Please email us on bookings@gcm.co.nz with a headshot and resume, along with a link to your showreel or other recorded materials.