Charisse  Uy

Charisse Uy

Chinese, Filipino, Spanish
Age Range
24 - 31
168cm / 5ft 6in
70cm / 28in
90cm / 35in
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Chinese Filipino, Spanish, New Zealand actor Charisse Uy started her acting journey working on many New Zealand made, US productions since 2017 including the Shannara Chronicles for MTV, The Legend of Monkey & Cowboy Bebop for Netflix and The Wilds for Amazon Studios.   Most recently she has been playing the role of Lovely Rivera on New Zealand’s longest running TV series Shortland Street where she made many fans with her portrayal of the man-stealing, party girl who turns everything upside down, so upside down that she has been asked to return to the show for an extended period.  

Other New Zealand screen highlights include the comedy drama series Raised by Refugees for Prime TV, TVNZ Beyond The Veil - Albularyo & Kāinga for NZIFF.  


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2022 Kāinga Karlene (Support) NZIFF - Brown Apple Grunt Productions Tele-Feature Film
2018 You Wouldn't Go To Work Corporate Office Woman The Drug Detection Agency Feature Film


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2022-2023 Shortland Street Lovely Rivera South Pacific Pictures Drama
2022 Beyond The Veil - Albularyo Gloria (Lead) TVNZ & MHM Productions Ltd Drama
2021 Raised by Refugees Kevin's Mother Kevin & Co Drama
2021 Cowboy Bebop Cowboy Netflix Drama
2020 The Wilds Preppy Student Amazon Studios, dir. Susan Fogel Drama
2017 The Legend of Monkey Red God Netflix, dir. Gerard Johnstone Drama
2017 Shannara Chronicles Serving Wench MTV, dir. Jonathan Liebesman Drama


Year Production Role Company / Director
2019 Pla(y)ne Chaisse in Glee Club Thomas Fink-Jensen and Emma Campbell
2014 Return to The Forbidden Planet Navigation Officer Westlake Musical Production
2013 The Judgment of Paris Athena MJ Milburn

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2021 Holding South Mae Wild Greens Productions Short Film
2019 Primary Adelaide Eleanor Calder Short Film


Year Production Role Company / Director
2020 Fly Buys Everyday Happy Karaoke Girl Fly Buys
2020 Simply Squeeze Lemon Honey and Ginger Drummer Girl Simply Squeeze
2019 Z Energy Fastlane Fastland User Z Energy
2018 Samsung Galaxy S9 Featured Samsung


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2023 The Working Actor Workshops - Tuesday Sessions Laura Interval & Latham Gaines
2023 The Art of Acting Studio Intensive Stella Adler Studio - Los Angeles
2023 Casting Hothouse - LA Casting Equity NZ: Christy Faison & Jamie Rudofsky
2023 The Working Actors Workshop Laura Interval & Latham Gaines
2021 Advanced On Screen Acting Course Miranda Harcourt
2021 US Accent Course NZFC/Equity NZ, Jacque Drew and Alex Whitman
2020 Fourth Element Voice Sylvia Rands
2019 Screen Acting Kacie Stetson
2019 On-Screen Acting Peter Feeney
2014-19 Screen Production, Bachelor of Arts University of Auckland
2015 Screen Acting Workshop Janet Marks
2013 Introductory On-Screen Acting Course South Seas, Johnny Givins


Advanced: Filipino | Japanese | Spanish


Advanced: American - General | Filipino | Spanish | UK - English

Intermediate: Australian | French | Irish | Italian


Advanced: Volleyball

Intermediate: Basketball | Gymnastics | Netball | Rock Climbing | Soccer | Yoga

Singing Range

Alto | Mezzo | Soprano

Musical Instruments

Advanced: Guitar | Keyboard

Intermediate: Drums | Percussion | Ukulele


Advanced: Hip Hop

Intermediate: Jazz | Latin | Rock 'n' Roll | Tap