Hank Carvell

Hank Carvell

Hank is a multi-talented force in the world of entertainment, effortlessly weaving his way through various roles with unparalleled skill.

Age Range
-3 - 7
< 100cm / 3ft 3in
< 30cm / 12in
< 30cm / 12in
< 30cm / 12in
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Hank's approach to his craft is characterized by a deep dive into feline behavior and mannerisms. He meticulously studies the way cats move, react, and communicate, incorporating those subtleties into his performances to create a sense of authenticity that transports viewers into the world of cats.

Off the set, Hank maintains a quiet and introspective demeanor, fully immersing himself in the study of acting theory and the works of theatrical legends. He finds inspiration in the nuances of human-cat relationships and explores the depths of emotion that lie within the feline spirit, infusing his performances with a captivating blend of vulnerability and strength.

As the camera pans and the spotlight illuminates his whiskered face, Hank's performances leave audiences spellbound. His portrayal of cats transcends mere mimicry, touching hearts and minds with a profound understanding of the feline experience. Through his artistry, he challenges the notion that playing a cat is limiting, instead showcasing the depth and complexity that lie within the feline roles he embodies.


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2024 The Wizard of Paws Lion Disney Feature Film
2022 Catnip Blues Frank (Lead) Mewving Productions, dir. Hank Carvell Feature Film
2022 The Shape of Water Giles' Cat Fox Pictures Feature Film


Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2022 Paw and Order Whiskers NBC Drama
2021 Sabrina the Teenage Witch Salem ABC Drama


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2022 Bachelor of Arts Royal Acatemy of Dramatic Art


Advanced: American - New York

Intermediate: Eastern European


Advanced: Acrobatics | Running / Jogging | Squash

Intermediate: Fishing | Gymnastics | Ping Pong / Table Tennis

Circus & Horse

Advanced: Animal Handler

Intermediate: Show Jumping

Driving & Flying

Intermediate: Drag Racing

Stunts & Weapons

Advanced: Stunts

Singing Range


Singing Styles

Advanced: Opera

Musical Instruments

Advanced: Disk Jockey

Intermediate: Banjo


Advanced: Belly

Intermediate: Tap