Janine  Burchett

Janine Burchett

Age Range
43 - 55
176cm / 5ft 9in
95cm / 37in
80cm / 31in
101cm / 40in
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Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2019 Ablaze Mrs. Moft Screentime New Zealand Tele-Feature Film
2011 Rage Clare Tom Scott Productions Feature Film
2003 Cold Summer Bar Owner Dir. Paul Middleditch, Plaza films Feature Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2016 The Brokenwood Mysteries Val Baxter Drama
2016 Hillary Gertrude Hillary Drama
2013 Harry Mrs. Clark Drama
2011 Sparticus: Gods of the Arena Domitia Drama
2010 Shortland Street Heather Statham South Pacific Pictures Drama
2010 Sparticus: Blood and Sand Domitia Drama
2010 The Legend of The Seeker Sister Katherine Drama
2009 Billy Teacher Comedia Drama
2009 The Cult Jane Drama
2004 Foreign Exchange Dr. Ackerman Drama
2003 Revelations Isabelle Drama
2002 Dark Knight Sorceress Palana Productions Drama
2002 The Strip Lisa Drama
2001 Ihaka: Blunt Instrument Rosa Drama
2000 Dark Knight Sorceress Drama
1999 Young Hercules Fake Erytheia Drama
1999 A Twist in the Tale Dr Dolittle Drama
1999 Young Hercules Fake Erytheia Pacific Renaissance Pitctures Drama
1999 Jackson's Wharf Jacqui Corrigan Drama
1998 Market Forces Julie Langham Comedia Drama
1992 Shortland Street Susie Hunter Drama

Short Film

Year Production Role Production Company / Director Type
2020 The Daughter Jordan Summer Agnew Production Co Short Film
2019 Level 15 Assessor Dir. Sally-Anne Kerr Short Film
2014 Backwards Showgirl Variation Allegra Dir. Harriet McKern Short Film
2004 Cupid Stupid Jane Dir. Ben Colgate Short Film
2004 Gabriel Mother Cherie Knott Short Film
1998 Making the Rain Breathe Mother Dir. Andrew Bancroft Short Film
1996 Permanent Wave Angela Dir. Jonathan Brough Short Film


Year Production Role Production Company / Director
2019 Sky Mum Scoundrel, dir. Ric Cantor
2018 Countdown Janice Flying Fish, dir. James Solomon
2018 Opdivo Wife The Sweet Shop, dir. Louis Sutherland
2018 The Warehouse Mum Scoundrel, dir. Daniel Warwick
2017 Chorus Jodie Finch, dir. Alyssa McCelland