Liz Mullane

Liz Mullane

Liz was recently invited into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - The Oscars



Like many Casting directors Liz started her career as an actor, training at the NZ National Drama school in 1984. She fell into casting after working as an actor in Peter Jacksons zombie horror film Brain Dead when he asked her to cast his film Heavenly Creatures which launched Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey’s careers. Since then she has worked with Peter on all his projects from The Frighteners starring Michael J Fox, to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and onto King Kong, The Lovely Bones, The Hobbit and Mortal Engines.

Liz has worked on many films and television productions both small and big budgets including The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Bridge to Terebithia, Pete's Dragon, The Waterhorse, Avatar, 30 Days of Night, The Meg, Yogi Bear and many more.

Liz believes it is her background as an actor that makes her a good casting director because she understands nerves and the pressure of auditions. She runs numerous screen acting workshops throughout the year giving actors honest insight into the industry and shares many tips to help hopefully make the process of auditioning less daunting and more enjoyable.


Year Production Role Company / Director
CASTING DIRECTOR: more information available on IMDB
2023 Forgive us All dir: Jordana Stott
2022 Attachment Theory - Short Wingnut Films, dir: Katie Jackson
2021 Don't Make Me Go Amazon, dir: Hannah Marks
2020 Poppy dir: Linda Nichol, pro: Robin Laing
2020 My Life is Murder - 3 Seasons Greenstone Pictures, pro: Mark Beasley & Lucy Lawless
2020 Mr Corman Apple 24 - dir: Joseph Gordon Levitt
2020 Under the Vines - 3 Seasons Acorn TV, dir: Various
2019 The Justice of Bunny King dir: Gaysorn Thavat, prod: Emma Slade
2019 Black Christmas Blumhouse, dir: Sarah Takal
2019 Only Cloud Knows dir: Feng Xiaogang
2018 Low Down Dirty Criminals dir: Paul Murphy
2017 Mortal Engines dir: Christian Rivers, pro: Peter Jackson
2016 Mistress Mercy Gibson Group, dir: Mike Smith
2016 The Meg Warner Bros, dir: Jon Turtletaub
2015 Ghost in the Shell Dreamworks, dir: Rupert Sanders
2015 Pete's Dragon Disney, dir: David Lowrey
2014 The Light Between Oceans Dreamworks, dir: Derek Cianfance
2013 The Deadlands dir: Toa Fraser
2011 The Hobit Warner Bros, dir: Pter Jackson
2009 Yogi Bear Warner Bros, dir: Eric Brevig
2008 Separations City dir: Paul Middleditch
2008 District 9 dir: Neill Blomkamp, pro: Peter Jackson
2008 The Lovely Bones dir: Peter Jackson
2007 The Laundry Warrior dir: Sngmoo Lee, pro: Barrie Osborne
2007 Underworld 3 dir: Patrick Tatopolous
2007 Show of Hands dir: Anthony McCarten
2007 Avatar dir: James Cameron, pro: Jon Landau
2006 30 Days of Night dir: David Slade, pro: Rob Tapert
2006 The Waterhorse dir: Jay Russell, pro: Barrie Osborne
2005 Black Sheep dir: Jonathan King
2005 Bridge to Terabibithia Walden Media, dir: Gabor Csupo
2004-2005 King Kong Universal Studios, dir: Peter Jackson
2005 The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Disney/Walden - dir: Andrew Adamson
2003 The Last Samurai Warner Bros, dir: Ed Zwick
2003 Without a Paddle Paramount Pictures, dir: Steve Brill
1998-2003 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy New Line Cinema, dir: Peter Jackson
2001 Perfect Strangers Preston Films, dir: Gaylene Preston
1995 The Frighteners Universal Pictures, dir: Peter Jackson
1993 Heavenly Creatures Wingnut Films, dir: Peter Jackson
2021 Invited to join the Academy of Motion Arts & Sciences - The Oscars in the casting division
1998 Loose Moose Theatresports School Canada
1984-1986 New Zealand Drama School