Tara Weston-Webb

Tara Weston-Webb

NZ European
Age Range
24 - 31
173cm / 5ft 8in
94cm / 37in
73cm / 29in
90cm / 35in

Currently studying at The Actors Program

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Year Production Role Company / Director
2022 The Potential of Rain Chris - Lead dir: Dawn Clover
2019 Bare Ivy (Lead) Aaron Blackledge
2019 Blackadder 2 Kate/Bob (Core Cast) Dominique Ware
2019 Why Are We Still Here? Wyn (Lead) Tempest / Emma Maguire
2018 Bring Up The Bodies Anne Boleyn (Lead) Dir. Antony Hogan
2008 La Boheme Children’s Chorus NZ Opera Company
2007 Turandot Children’s Chorus NZ Opera Company
2006 The Magic Flute Soprano Genie(Child Principle Role) NZ Opera Company
2005 Les Miserables Little Cosette John Goddard
2004 Carmen Children’s Chorus NZ Opera Company

Short Film

Year Production Role Company / Director Type
2023 The Waiting Game Maeve - Lead dir: Kelsey Robson Short Film
2023 Dolls House Jenna - Lead dir: Bailee-Rose Lyall-Brennan Short Film
2023 Buzzkill Eliza - Lead Sailboat Films, dir: Shayden Lowrey Short Film
2023 Alice Alice - Lead dir: Jessica Dolphin Short Film
2023 Waters of Waimaru Meghan - Lead dir: Kris Salt Short Film
2023 Blood is Thicker Jessica - Lead dir: Shanna McGeorge Short Film
2023 Happy New Year Tammy - Lead dir: Leanne Kalonji Short Film
2020 Farleigh Goode and the Theft of the Great Green Jewel Lucinda Emma Macguire Short Film
2020 Carmilla Laura (Lead) Sam Mannell Short Film
2019 Stars and Tides Woman (Lead) Akash Saravanan Short Film
2019 Saturday and Sunday Afternoon Woman (Lead) Yonah Paley Short Film
2019 Otto Otto (Lead) Tom Foy Short Film
2019 Roadkill Lead Reuben Commons Short Film
2019 The End Reya (Lead) Virginia Ghiglione Short Film
2019 Faceoff Helen (Lead) Miles Wilson Short Film
2019 Otto Otto (Lead) Tom Foy Short Film


Year Description Institution / Presenter
2024 The Actors Program - Graduates EOY. The Actors Program
2023-2024 The Working Actors Workshop Tuesday Night Sessions Laura Interval & Latham Gaines
2022-2024 The Sandbox Sessions Marion Short & Acacia O'Conner
2022-2023 Australian Accent Training Alexandra Whitham
2021 -2023 American Accent Training Jim McLarty
2023 Shortland Street Auditioning Workshop Equity with Claire Dougan
2023 The Working Actor's Weekly Intensive Laura Interval & Latham Gaines
2023 The Working Actor Workshop Laura Interval & Latham Gaines
2023 One on One Sessions - Ongoing Laura Interval & Latham Gaines
2023 Acting for Screen Liz Mullane & Rachel Bullock Casting
2023 Master Class - Performer Miranda Harcourt
2023 Estury Accent Training Alexandra Whitham
2023 British-English RP, British-London Dialect Training Alexandra Whitham
2021 Four Elements Voice Course Advanced Sylvia Rands
2020 Acting Workshops Jamie Irvine
2020 Four Elements Voice Course Sylvia Rands
2020 Individual Voice Training Sylvia Rands
2020 Self Tape Workshop Peter Feeney
2020 The Actors' Lab Peter Feeney
2020 Estuary Accent Training Sarah Valentine
2020 Stunt Workshops x2 Tim Wong
2020 Improv Workshop Lori Dungey
2020 The Sandbox Sessions Marion Shortt & Acacia O'Connor
2020 Advanced Screen Acting Workshop Liz Mullane & Rachel Bullock
2020 Singing Lessons (Musical Theatre) Jo Hodgson
2019 Advanced Screen Acting Course Liz Mullane & Rachel Bullock
2019 Voice Workshop Sylvia Rands
2019 Acting for Screen Workshop Miranda Harcourt
2019 One-on-One Voice Coaching Sylvia Rands
2019 Screen Acting Course Liz Mullane & Rachel Bullock
2019 RP Accent Coaching Sarah Valentine
2019 Vice Workshop Sylvia Rands
2018 American Accent Coaching Sarah Valentine
2012 Advanced Teen Acting Miranda Harcourt


Advanced: American - General | British | Standard US

Intermediate: Australian | French | Irish | Russian | Welsh


Intermediate: Ice Skating | Kayaking | Rock Climbing | Roller Blading | Snow Skiing

Circus & Horse

Intermediate: Horse Riding | Show Jumping

Driving & Flying

Intermediate: Driving (general)

Singing Range


Musical Instruments

Intermediate: Guitar | Piano


Intermediate: Ballet | Jazz | Tap