Emma Jenkins-Purro stars in A24 prequel 'Pearl'

Written and Directed by Ti West, 'Pearl' is the prequel to horror film 'X'.

Emma Jenkins-Purro stars in A24 prequel 'Pearl'

Filmmaker Ti West returns with another chapter from the twisted world of 'X'. Emma Jenkins Purro, Alistair Sewell and Amelia Reid-Meredith all make an appearance in this astonishing follow-up to the year’s most acclaimed horror film.

The year is 1918, some 60 years before the action of X. Goth plays the titular character Pearl, a young woman trapped on her family’s isolated farm. Longing for the return of her husband Howard (Alistair Sewell) who is away fighting in Europe, she must tend to her ailing father under the bitter and overbearing watch of her devout mother. With her lusting for a glamorous life like she’s seen in the movies, she finds her ambitions, temptations, and repressions all colliding in this stunning, technicolor-inspired origin story of X’s iconic villain.

Along with its predecessor, Pearl did well critically, with even Martin Scorsese praising it, which led to A24 green lighting the third and final film of the X franchise, MaXXXine. 

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